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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dion Turns Twelve

Yes, he did.
Notice?  I trimmed the "slippers" on only 3 of his 4 feet.  Dion, Mama is a dunce.

Our goofy Cavalier spaniel Dion DiPoochy has reached the ripe old age -- in dog terms -- of twelve, and still doesn't
know that it's not polite to drag the toilet paper off the roll from the powder room all the way to the sunroom.

Or stare at guests till they accidentally drop food.
Or bark at pedestrians on the street below That Old House.
Or try and romance visiting lady dogs.

Our little guy, who was born right before my very eyes in March 1999, has been with us
since our girls were in middle school, and they are now graduate students.  
Dearest Dion . . . stay well.  For me.

And one more thing.
On your next birthday, don't let Mother Nature do this:
 It's Spring, for goodness' sake!   No more snow, or I shall have to report it to the authorities.
It took me 2-1/2 hours to do a normal 50-minute drive on Monday.
Did everyone in north Jersey forget how to drive in the snow?  Overnight?  Remember January?
Oh, Dion DiPoochy -- my little dog -- a heartbeat at my feet, as Edith Wharton wrote --
don't get mad when I take you to the vet on Tuesday for that little thing near your eye.
I do it out of love.  Keep repeating that . . . .
Love . . . Mom


  1. Beautiful pictures of Dion...Happy Birthday!!

    That snow is something else. We have been deluged with rain here in Chicago for days on end. At least it's not freezing cold!


    Hope Dion's eye is okay.

  2. Cass,

    He is a treasure. Hope all is well at the vet and that the snow goes away until next year!


  3. What a beautiful face you have Mr. Dion, you look much younger than your twelve years of age.
    Forgive mom when she takes you to the vet, it's what "us" mum's do.
    Snowing still....oh, dear.

  4. Happy 12th Birthday Dion! You are just way too cute! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and the vet gives you a special treat! You look just like my son's dog Max...he's a sweetheart too!

  5. Happy B-Day Dion! Snow is even more of a four letter word towards the end of March:@)

  6. Happy Birthday to your little Pooch!! What a beauty....
    Have a Great Day!

  7. good onya Dion! Hope you have many more b'day's mate!!

  8. Dion is so cute -- and he doesn't look 12! But that white muzzle helps -- you don't know he's graying!

    Oliver sends Dion birthday wishes!!! Actually, he left them outside -- around the statue in the garden!!! But birthday wishes they are!!!!

  9. "Happy Birthday, Dion" You look Mawwwwvelous! Wishing you many more to come. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  10. Dion is just the best!! I love any time you include him in your posts!
    Happy Birthday, Dion!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Dion!!!

    There is a dog in the house across our back yard who barks at us when we sit in the dining room - - - our OWN dining room. He (or she, I don't know which) can see us through the patio door and thinks it is her (or his) duty to bark at us.

    Hey - - - we're getting snow today, so cheer up, we're in the same kettle of soup WITH you.

  12. What a lucky dog to have such a caring family...except for that paw thing.
    I used to only get to clip the nails on 2-3 out of four paws on any given try. Pitch black nails are hard to clip and Maxine was one strong girl.
    Happy Birthday to Dion and may you drop something really yummy on the floor today.

  13. He's so cute... he could drag the toilet paper through my house any old day.


  14. Happy Birthday to your sweetie! My girl, Scout, is 12 as well. I have told her she has to live forever.

    The snow was rather depressing wasn't it?


  15. Hi Cass! Oh, such a sweet post on the birthday boy! Dion is an adorable little dog! I just grin every time I see that little face! Chloe Dawn is 10 and thank God, she's healthy, although a little chubby! Hope all goes well with his little eye thingy.
    Give him a hug from Chloe Dawn and me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Dion is beautiful and still looks very healthy and happy. Happy birthday!..Christine

  17. He is so precious..always so photogenic!! Hope Dion's birthday is great!!

    Miss Bloomers

  18. Dion is a sweetie, not doubt about it. Rory and I say 'Happy Birthday' and Rory says 'Don't bite the Vet'. Twelve is a ripe old age - Rory just turned one and hasn't yet discovered the toilet paper roll.

  19. Happy Birthday sweet Dion! Sorry about the snow. :(

  20. Happy Birthday you handsome pup! Hope you have a day filled with treats and belly rubs!

  21. I had a Cavalier, Rosie, who was my sweet baby. We got her when we lived in Japan and she was my shadow. Unfortunately she only lived till she was 5. She had seizures and just couldn't come out of one. Hope you don't mind I sat and stared at your sweetie for awhile. He's SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanx for helping me to remember my sweetie.

  22. Hi Cass,
    Happy birthday to your boy "Dion" I love his face!
    Dion is so darn cute! Give him a rub behind the ears for me..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  23. Happy Birthday, Dion! Wow. You're one good lookin' 12 year old! I'm sure you had a wonderful day!

  24. Happy Poochy Birthday to Dion. I'd say let the one foot go untrimmed. Make a statement...start a trend. What the heck!! He is really cute! xxoo Diana

  25. Happy Birthday to your sweet little Cavalier! They are just the cutest little dogs, I think. They have such sweet and friendly faces!

  26. Happy birthday, Dion! What sweet pics! I have always said that Cavalier spaniels are like little toddlers! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  27. Hope your birthday was as fabulous as you are dear Dion. If it makes you feel better we did the vet run Tuesday (in the blowing white stuff) and all made it back in good shape.

  28. Happy BIrthday - he is so cute. sandie


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