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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crashing Waves and Smashing Seafood

It's a busy week at That Old House.
One week ago, these two Californians blew in -- to spend 10 days
in intensive wedding planning, visiting, and having a good time.

Our daughter Alida and her fiance Josh

On Saturday, we had about 30 people to the house to celebrate with us, to get to know Josh, to vote on whether we approve of this whole wedding thing . . . you think I'm kidding?  It wasn't a formal vote, just a show of hands.  It was an almost-unanimous "Yes."   :-P

On Sunday it was out to the family beach house,
so the menfolk could take out the ice-eater they'd put in last December.  

After the work was done, we had dinner here:
And it's not a boat, it's this restaurant:
The Soundview, on the North Road in Greenport.
And right on the edge of Long Island Sound.

From the tables by the big windows along the back, this is what you see:
And if you time it right you watch the sun set
over Connecticut, across the Sound.  The sun drops like a stone!
Wish I could grab that driftwood among the rocks!

We all ordered seafood.
Lots of it.
We can recommend the old-fashioned Fisherman's Platter.
Which is not made from old fishermen, thank goodness.

Josh and Alida got window seats, and they took the sunset and water pictures.

My sister Peggy and her husband Bill.  We ate at the Soundview with them in December.  This is getting to be an ice-eater tradition.
And our daughter Anne, who was very engrossed in the menu.

It was a fun and busy weekend.

For our dog Dion, it was a mixed blessing.
On the one hand, many of Saturday's guests were quite liberal in sharing their
hors d'oeuvres with the doggy, or were at least prone to dropping tidbits.

But Dion paid a price. 
Help!  They've mistaken me for a pig in a blanket!
 A Saturday morning BATH.
Please save me from further indignities.
I hate smelling like coconut and vanilla.  I have such a nice natural musk . . . .
  The good part was a long snuggle in Mom's lap.
The bad part was the BATH.  But at least we didn't wash his ears; they take too long to dry!

On today's Wedding To-Do List -- finding that perfect photographer.  
He or she is out there somewhere.   -- Cass


  1. Sounds like y'all had a great time. You certainly have a beautiful daughter. Lovely couple!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. DH and I wanted to have some really good seafood last Sat. and we decided to ride down to the coast (a stop at a favorite plant nursery along the way was on the agenda as well). It is a 45 min. drive but well worth it to go to our most favorite seafood restaurant. I failed to take my camera along but your pics could have very easily been ours. Like your pics, this restaurant sits over looking the water and we were there right at sunset as well and our view was very similar to your shots of the sunset. It was a nice reminder of a lovely afternoon.

    BTW, the bride and groom to be are adorable as is Dion. Your little Blenheim is gorgeous.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  3. Sounds like you are having fun while planning and working. They are a cute couple.

  4. Cass-What a wonderful time for your the dining at the water's edge...and it looks like your daughter made a pretty good choice. The wedding will be here before you know it! xxoo Diana

  5. Hi Cass, Your daughter and her fiance are a very good-looking couple! The restaurant really is perched right on the edge of the water, isn't it? (Glad to hear the Fishermen's Platter wasn't old fishermen, by the way.) That Dion is such a sweet dog, even if he doesn't prefer to smell like coconut and vanilla.

  6. They make a beautiful couple.
    Congratulations to all!
    Seafood and Dion .... a wonderful combination to enjoy.
    Wish I was there.

  7. it looks like a good time was had by all...well except Dion. My dogs actually like the bath, they like water. Good thing because they smell rather musky, too! ;-D


  8. What a beautiful couple! Lovely photos!! Happy St Patricks Day to you all!! xx

  9. Such fun, we are having a mini family reunion this weekend, can't wait.

  10. How exciting! Looks like a good time, too!

  11. Every time you say ice-eater I think of some science fiction novel bad guy. Looks like you had a lovely family time and I know the potential groom is grateful for the thumbs up. Dion is so cute all snug in his towel.

  12. Looks like everyone had a blast, except the pup! LOL!!!

    I don't know if she'd go to CT, she's done work in RI . . . she's an amazing photographer and does a lot of beach photos. Check her out when you have a moment

  13. That was a fun post...what a great family you have! Your right that photographer is out there somewhere, you will find him/her sooner or later:)


  14. Ah - the fun times. Your daughter is lovely - lucky you to have a wedding to plan!


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