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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Come Celebrate -- It's Just Us Tonight

Sometimes the smallest parties are the sweetest.
 Won't you join me in
the dining room?
 We'll keep the lights low.
You won't notice the dust then.  Did I say that out loud?
 You're the guest; where would you like to sit?
 Good choice.  You get the best view from the end of the table.
 Now, I wonder what we'll have for dinner?
Should I have thought about that ahead of time?
 The smoke must have befuddled my brain.
 Chinese maybe?  Anything would look delicious on these old Aynsley plates.
 We've got the monogrammed silver out for you.
 And the funky mid-century glasses, with their gold and turquoise.
 Wine?  You betcha.
And I've always thought a good Scotch goes very well with Chinese food.
Or pretty much anything.
 Even the linen napkins have gotten dolled up.
They are their own neckties.

 A wildly goofy piece of Italian majolica holds faux glittered fruit and a few flowers and ribbons.

I confess.
The flowers
are faux.

As in, fake.
How daring.

 A hastily tossed-together centerpiece.
Necessity being an effective motivator.
 Ah, the obligatory stomach's-eye view of the tablesetting.
 And that's it.  Now, who's going to call China Garden and order?

  What I used in the table setting:
China -- Aynsley's Tatton Hall -- thrift shop find 2 years ago
Flatware -- Georgian pattern plate, various monograms, very vintage -- ca. 1912
Rocks glasses -- mid-20th century, gold leafed, were my parents' Scotch glasses
Double old-fashioned glasses -- Goodwill find, turquoise & gold, set of 6
Wine glasses -- handblown tulips, ca. 1970s, wedding present
Majolica centerpiece bowl -- Goodwill (seven dollars!)
Napkins -- New old stock, eBay, last fall
Crystal candlesticks -- various Tiffany, Lord & Taylor, and Big Lots
Crocheted runner -- can't remember!  I think my Mom gave it to me, with a smaller matching piece
Glittered, beaded, gold-leafed fruits -- Dollar Tree, Michael's, and the mists of time . . .

I think that's it!

And I am stunningly late to the Thursday blog parties.  My bad.

Susan's Tablescape Thursday is an amazing gathering of tablesetting genius.  Click here!
It's all happening at Between Naps On The Porch.

Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville hosts Thrifty Thursday, and my table is nothing if not thrifty!

Go visit and be amazed, amused, and inspired.  I'm going to call China Garden now....  Cass


  1. Your table setting is just gorgeous.It has an Old World "look" and I love it.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  2. Cass, beautiful table. The old Aynsley plates are gorgeous as is the silver.
    Cute dialog! ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  3. Everything is so pretty !!! I also have the faux flowers going on. No guilt here. :D I could sit there with good company, cup of coffee or glass wine and a plate full of whatever and be happy - key to it all "good company".
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Everything looks just great. I too am wondering what is for dinner. Such an inviting table. Just like Glenda says it is all about the company.

  5. Don and I are recliner diners so we'll eat our chinese out of those lovely white cartons and just enjoy your pretty tablescape. Just lovely.

  6. I would love to be a guest to your table, every setting you show us is stunning. I have learned a great deal about elegant tablescapes from you!

  7. I'll be right over, I'll bring the dessert! Thanks for the invite!


  8. You always set such a pretty table! And you have a great eye for great pieces! I don't have any and I'm starting to covet those glass candleholders!

  9. Cass-What a BEAUTIFUL table. I hope I am invited to dinner! I'll bring the Starbucks in a carafe! Hugs- Diana

  10. Cant wait to see the menu! Ill be there about 7.30 ish! xx

  11. It looks am going in the old castle of Mariefred. A castle in Sweden.

    Very pretty and cozy. One of a kind party. TY a mill for letting me join you. It's a long way from Stockholm but it worth coming.

    Happy TS & a blessed w/end ahead.

  12. Cass,
    Your chandy is beautiful! So romantic. The candles, the faux flowers, the mid century glasses, the lovely dishes. Count me in !


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