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Sunday, January 9, 2011

White, and Peach, on a January Day

It is still cold and white outside That Old House,
and yesterday we had another light dusting of snow.
Also still with me: my darned cold.  Ick.

Winter surrounds us.

So for Sunday Favorites I took a peek back in time,
and found a post that makes me long for May.

 First published May 2010

It greeted us this  morning --
the first iris to open its wild and woolly petals for the  season.

We've  been watching it all week, and waiting.  It's peach and white.

Howard  got up close and personal with his camera.

I  love the texture.  Can you imagine a fabric with the texture of the
very  lightest part of the petals, with their almost-not-there stripes?


Isn't  it spectacular?  Iris blossoms may just be my favorite  spring flower.
Along with tulips, poppies, bleeding  hearts, lilacs, peonies  . . . .

They wear party clothes so beautifully, don't  they?

What is your favorite spring bloom?

  Back in the present:
My plan for today was to make the lovely short ribs from Friday's post,
and have a houseful of people come to share them with us.

But that turned out to be one of those "best laid plans" deals.
My cold = no company.

But I will make the ribs.  They'll keep.

Howard is taking this Swedish-style settee:

 an old Craigslist score of mine, and a beautiful Ethan Allen piece,
down to our daughter Annie who needs it in her living room.

I love how she shops our house.

I will stay home, and cook just a little.
Have a lovely winter Sunday, my friends!
-- Cass

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  1. Iris is gorgeous, but wait, weren't you just covered with snow? I want to shop at your house or have dinner. Either one would be just fine.

  2. Oh what a pretty iris! I love it when my are in full bloom. Snow tomorrow and before you know it spring WILL be here!

  3. I hope you feel better soon, Cass.
    That settee is sweet, and so is the idea of your daughter shopping your house. Before our son moved east we downloaded dressers and sofas on him (whew!) and just yesterday we were talking about how great it will be when our daughter has her own place again and can take a piece or two with her. (to free up room for some re-decorating!)

  4. Cass- I am so sorry that you are suffering from a cold. It seems a lot of people come down with them right after the hustle and bustle of the Holidays is behind. I hope you feel well enough to eat a few of your short are right they will keep for another day.

    I love the is among my favorite flowers too..and one our first to bloom here in WI. Seeing that here? Well~ It gives me hope that Spring will come again. Hugs-Diana

  5. Thank you for the gorgeous picture of the iris to brighten my day, it's so beautiful. Makes me long for spring, too. I hope you feel better soon. Your daughter is very lucky to have your lovely furniture!

  6. Sorry about the cold. :(
    The iris is beautiful. It is a shame they don't last longer than they do.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  7. Now that is beautiful and so making me wish for summer right now.....this 22 degree temp (at 10:43 am) is for the birds. But its feeling like a heat wave from the 15 last night here in Tennessee. Bring on the heat, the warm sun and the beautiful flowers.

  8. This iris is beautiful and the photography splendid! Feel better soon.

  9. Beautiful iris! Still suffering with my cold or whatever ... It is taking a very long time to be finished. We are expecting a big snow storm tomorrow, so that means more time at home .... and soup. Anxious to hear how your ribs come out.

  10. Well that sounded funny--I don't expect that you are tampering with your rib cage, just the short ribs you are cooking,

  11. Wow, the Iris is absolutely stunning. So sorry you have a cold and are not feeling well. Take care. It's funny, my daughter use to shop my house and now I shop hers. lol Always fun. Hugs, Marty

  12. Hope you are feeling better....soon!
    I'd love to shop your house!

  13. Your white and peach Iris is beautiful!!! Hugs, Flavia

  14. My heavens I would shop your house too! The Iris is gorgeous!

  15. Your lovely floral photos bring to mind the promise of spring - very pretty! Hope you feel better soon! The short ribs sound yummy and how lucky for your daughter to be able to shop YOUR house!


  16. Goodness, how beautiful! It's snowy and cold here in Ohio too. Thanks for that peek at spring!

  17. Hello Cass...

    My friend, I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well and that you even had to change your plans for Sunday! Sending you sweet thoughts and prayers to feel better, my friend!

    Cass, iris' are one of my most favorite flowers! The colors that they produce are just spectacular! Your white and peach iris is simply gorgeous and Howard really got some fabulous close up photos! Love that! Thank you for sharing this sweet post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week...I enjoyed! funny about your daughter shopping your house! You're such a good mommy!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  18. Such a pretty post. The flowers are the perfect color for brightening our wintery world and grey skies this time of the year.

    Get over that cold soon. We had it for 3 weeks... miserable stuff and tons of kleenex tissues used.

    GET WELL SOON! Stay indoors in front of the fireplace, that's how I handled it along with lots of Nyquil and icky meds that made me sleep through most of the cold.



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