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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wear Your Jammies Inside Out

All across the North Eastern United States,
schoolchildren suddenly got religion on Tuesday.
Big time.
If you listened carefully, you could hear millions of fervent prayers being offered up at bedtime:
"Please, please, pleeeeease
make it a Snow Day tomorrow!"
And if you spotted a child wearing his or her pajamas inside out, that was all part of the ritual.

My girls and their friends swore by it; for some reason,
Mother Nature just can't resist the pleas of little children wearing their jammies
inside out.  It might be that she's amused watching them try and button them . . . .
I wore my nightgowns inside out when snow was predicted, as I loved Snow Days as much as my kids did.
Homework had been done the night before and the whole day was a gift.
Hot cocoa, books and dolls, playing in the snow, and the damp smell of soggy mittens on radiators.
Since the snow started here before bedtime, local kids went to bed
pretty sure they'd wake to those sweetest words:

"No school today!"

Not much is going on at That Old House this week.

I've been mostly inside with a bad cold, although I got out Tuesday to run some errands,
tried my best not to breathe on anyone, and now I can stay home and watch the snow fly.

And continue packing away Christmas.

The parlor fireplace.  Gone are the greens, the white lights and the reindeer.
Pay no attention to the tree in the corner.  Ditto the lamp awaiting rewiring.  Pretend they are not there.  That's what I do.

 The glitz is gone, but the red remains.  Until Valentine's Day.

The wreath that I hung on the mirror last Fall is still there;
it's got plenty of red!

Don't you just love white woodwork?
It's like crisp clean collar and cuffs on a room.

The white fireplace surround, and the bursts of red on the mantle, while outdoors . . . all is white.
 Wonderful Winter.

Sterling Revere bowl -- a family piece.

Red crackle hurricanes, on sale at Michael's before Christmas.

Little round crackle red votive holders, Dollar Tree.  Should have bought more.

Old fashioned heavy glass balls -- gifts.  I added some other colors to the reds, to fill in.
And that's it.

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If you are hunkered down in the snowstorm, keep your beverage hot and pile on the afghans! -- Cass

First two images courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. 


  1. I love that crisp white and deep red - perfect for this time of year and right through to Valentine's Day.
    Snowing here and it will be a snow day for sure, because we have no plow in our little municipality!

  2. I heard a story on NPR once about rituals kids do to try to get a snow day - - - the PJ's inside out AND backwards was on there as were putting a white crayon in the freezer, a silver spoon under your pillow, and walking around your kitchen table.

    I hear you are in line up there on the east coast for MORE and maybe LOTS MORE snow!

  3. Love the red on the white - so very pretty! As a little girl, we prayed for snow days in CO, too, but I can count on one and a half fingers the times we actually got out. Not the same today - lucky kids! Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  4. There is nothing like white woodwork -- especially clean white woodwork (I've been working on that at Linderhof -- it looks so good when it's shiny clean!)

    I love your touches of red and is a bright spot in dreary January!

  5. Cass...when I want to start a new day with a laugh,...I come to "that old House"...thanks you are one of the best medicines in the world!!!! kisses and hugs, Flavia

  6. The mantle looks great Cass! Over 8" so far north of Philly! Looks like I'll be digging out again! Enjoy the day:@)

  7. The mantle looks great-LOVE all the red and white..WHAT TREE AND LAMP?;>).and yes...we have the same prayers offered up here-almost weekly- lol Hugs- Diana

  8. Cass,
    One year when my boys were little and we lived in Maine, there was no school for a week because they didn't get the schools plowed out. We were about to form a mothers' brigade and shovel it out ourselves. The magic had worn off!

    I did used to love a snow day when we were all hunkered in the house and I made soup and bread and knit mittens in front of the fire.

    Hope you are better soon.


  9. I love snow days too. We had a little snow, but not enough this weekend. Love your mantle and also love love white woodwork!

  10. Love crisp white woodwork!
    I have never heard that before about wearing pj's inside out. :D

  11. Pretty pictures. I did not know that about inside out pjs, though we haven't needed that trick here in NC-our third day out of school. Neighborhood roads don't get plowed and are ice-ridden. I didn't know you had snow days in NJ!

  12. Never heard of inside out PJ's! My kids enjoyed snow days off but for me, it meant that after I got home from working all night long, I then had to stay up because they were home from school and would collapse in bed as soon as my Hubby came home from work because i had work the next night again!


  13. Growing up as a native So. Californian, I so envied and longed for snow days! Nothing ever happened to close schools - one year it was 106 degrees though and we finally got a day off. WAHOO! I can remember walking to the store with my best friend and her brother and buying popsicles.

    Love your reds, so charming! (my xmas stuff has "moved" but is still lingering on the edges too) We have similar colors in our living room paint too - I could kick myself for having waited so long in doing it.

    Happy Rednesday,

  14. Why oh WHY didn't I buy the red crackle hurricanes at Michael's when I saw them on clearance??? They look wonderful on your mantel against the white!

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