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Monday, January 3, 2011

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas . . . .

 Yes, the Season is alive and well, even now . . . .

Happy 10th Day Of Christmas!
At That Old House, Christmas gets its full twelve days.
Decorations don't come down until January 6th, Epiphany.
Three Kings Day.
This is also why we don't decorate too early!

Last Wednesday, daughter Anne and I dunked poor Dion in the kitchen sink for a dreaded bath.

 Dion needed to be all clean and spiffy, because . . . 
the next day Anne and Alida and Dion and I hit the road at 5:30 in the morning,
heading for Michigan and two of the darlingest young men on the planet:
"I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay . . . ."

Almost-3-month old Calvin and Luke.  My goddaughter's twins.
I believe that makes them my great-godsons, doesn't it?   :-)

I took pictures.  And I left my laptop with the picture card in the hotel room
when we checked out on New Year's Day.  Doh!

New Year's Resolution: Check carefully before leaving hotel rooms.

Saturday's drive home was long, wet, and towards the end, very dark.
Did you know that as you drive across Pennsylvania on Route 80, the distance
to the other end of the state keeps getting  further away?  It's true.

We had two more people with us -- my sister and my niece.
I was afraid I was going to have to chloroform my sister to get her to leave the babies,
but she came peacefully.  The handcuffs helped.


Today, I am taking Mr. Dion to the veterinarian.
He is having trouble with his balance.  If he tilts his head, he tips over.
I'm thinking it's an inner ear thing, but we'll find out.

Please wish us luck at the vet!
Tomorrow?  We take a look back at bits and pieces of 2010 at That Old House.

Happy New Year!  -- Cass

P.S.  Annie took video of Dion in the bath; this one is of the pre-bath cookie treat bribe.


  1. Adorable babies!!... and good luck at the vet. Sounds like perhaps an inner ear infection.

    I have officially de-christmased This Old House. Couldn't stand looking at the decos for one more minute.

  2. Oh my this post made me laugh! First of all Dion is precious...even when wet! LOL He looks just like my son's dog Max. The twins are so the outfits. Did you get your laptop back I hope? Love the video of Dion eating his bribery treat! I live near Highway 80 but all the way across the US. If I got on it it would take me all the way to NJ. But thank goodness when I went this last summer I flew! LOL Thanks for sharing such a fun post.

  3. Oops I forgot to wish Dion good luck at the vet!

  4. Adorable babies. Love the flannel shirts! And Dion is pretty cute too. Too bad you don't have a matching lumberjack outfit for him too.

  5. Oh goodness... I am so sitting her laughing out loud at the pre-bath cookie treat bribe. We don't do it prior to baths, but we do have the pre-trim the toenails bribe at our house.
    I'm STILL laughing at the video. SO funny.


  6. Poor Dion. Why do they always look like they are going to their execution when it is bath time? Precious precious great-godbabies. They are so cute!
    So, did you get your laptop back???

  7. Oh, Cass ~ What adorable cuties ... Dion & the lumberjacks.

    Pop over for our lovely CSN GIVEAWAY!

    Have a beautiful New Year ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  8. Oh...that Dion is such a doll!! I really hope all turns out well at the vet.

    The twins are precious, how sweet of you to make that long drive. You are a good Godmother!


  9. Your new great godsons are adorable!!! And, of course, there is nothing so humbling as a dog in a bath (which reminds me it's time to do Oliver) --

    I do hope everything is okay with Dion -- I think he and Ollie are the same age and they are now, after all, Senior Citizens and even a little thing can be serious!

  10. Oh, those babies are adorable...we just found out we will have a new grandson in May, so excited. Unfortunately, my son and daughter-in law live in Charleston, SC. A fer piece from NY. I think we will visit a lot in the winter!! Good luck with Dion, hope he is alright. I have a cav/poodle and I recognize those soulful eyes...

  11. Usually I keep my Christmas stuff up and out until at LEAST the 12 days of Christmas are over. I don't know WHAT happened to me, but suddenly today I got in the mood to take it down.

    So I did.

    Now it looks so blah in here - - - maybe I should have waited!


  12. Trying to live down his Scrooge reputation, my husband demanded we get the tree on his birthday (Dec 2nd). Therefore, it went out the door today. Am I a sick person for enjoying cleaning out the holiday glitz and making redecorating plans????? Maybe I'M the Scrooge. The twins are precious! Congratulations!!! And Mr. Dion, oh my!!!!!! What a sweetie! Thanks for the chuckles!

  13. The twins are so cute. Did you get your laptop and memory card? Sure hope so.
    Awww! Poor Dion - Sure do wish him good luck at the Vet's. I definitely do not like those long road trips.

  14. We're living parallel lives some days. Yesterday Rory had his bath - a rare occurrence - and he looks and smells grand.
    Our decorations always stay up until Epiphany, then things go back to bare and spare. This year we'll wait a day longer, until the grandchildren have gone home.

  15. Those two little "lumberjacks" are adorable. Love them! sounds like Dion has an inner ear problem to me too. Hope that is all it is- Hugs- Diana

  16. Cass,
    Hope you got computer back! I guess you would probably tell us...

    What beautiful babies - love the outfits.

    Dion is a hoot and I think he likes the camera as he shares many facial expressions - sort of like method acting.

    Have a great day and hope all goes well at the vets.


  17. What darling little men! Love the flannel shirts and jeans.
    Hope Dion is feeling better.
    Have a wonderful day!


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