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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Kind -- I'm Expecting A Blessed Event

I've been among the Blogging missing this week.
I have a good excuse:  I'm expecting.

Yes, our family is expanding to include a Son.

The gestational period for becoming a mother-in-law is quite variable.
I've heard of some that lasted for years.

Mine will last not quite 6 months, from engagement to wedding day on June 25, 2011.

Pretty good deal, eh?

 Our daughter Alida lives in California but is getting married here in New Jersey.
So, Mom's going to be very busy.
Details, lists, shopping, endless phone chats, more lists, more details, and more lists yet again.
Plus the occasional meltdown.

It's very exciting.
And still not quite real.

Wish me luck!


And as it is Sunday, I am going to participate in Sunday Favorites,
a blog party hosted by Chari of Happy To Design.

This is a post that some of you may remember, about The Three Pierres and
their visit to That Old House, and my niece's wedding.
Without further "adieu" (a little French humor there), my post from April 6, 2009:


Background: In 2007, my daughter Alida studied at the University of Edinburgh.
She met lots of people . . . including the Pierres.


To introduce today's offering from That Old House,
here is a brief dialogue for
Two Women and Their Cell Phones:

Alida (at home in California): Ma? You remember those two French guys I was friends with in Scotland? The Pierres?
Me (at home in New Jersey): I think so. . . .
Alida: I traveled around the Highlands with them?
Me (suddenly recalling sleep-robbing nightmare visions of teensy rental car packed with 20-somethings plunging off treacherous rural Highland roads in blinding mountain blizzards): Ah. Yes, now I remember.
Alida: Well, they're coming to New York in November, that first weekend, and I kind of told them that they could stay at our house. (short pause)  I'll be home that weekend, too.
Me: You will be home for your cousin Maggie's wedding.
Alida: Ummm...yeah. Is that a problem?
Me (realizing that 22 is the new 8): Well. . . .
Alida: Oh! And they'll have another guy with them. Guess what his name is?
Me (taking a wild stab): Pierre?
Alida: Yeah. (short pause) Pretty funny, huh?

And so,  A Tale of Three Pierres . . .

The Three Pierres were a big hit at Maggie's wedding:

Left to right, New Pierre, Tall Pierre, Alida, and Pierre Pierre.
(How else does one tell one's Pierres apart?)

My gracious sister invited our out-of-town guests to Maggie and Garrett's wedding.
They had a blast; weddings in New Jersey are apparently quite different
from weddings in France. We have way more food. The Pierres ate themselves silly.

After discovering that the three under-dressed guys who talked funny were not gate-crashers,
the other guests were quite taken with The Three Pierres.

Alida became "that girl who brought three dates."

(Pithy social commentary, from Tall Pierre, on marriage:
"This being with one woman for the rest of your life --
I do not see it, unless you are very sick and will be soon dead.")

The Morning After, the Three Pierres made crepes for us at That Old House:

Let me tell you, genuine Frenchmen make wicked good crepes:

We ate the crepes, French style, with a slathering of butter, a light sprinkling of sugar,
and a good big squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Try it. . . you will like it!  Nutella works, too.

These are not just any Three Pierres, not your common garden variety sort of charming French fellows. They are graduate students in Civil Engineering, studying last fall in South America, and together had just won an international prize for some sort of something-or-other involving ... cement. Or concrete. I can't remember which is the right term.

We were sad to see them go. Who knows what else they might have cooked?

Goodbye, Tall Pierre, New Pierre, and Pierre Pierre!

My niece Grace, bride Maggie's 20-year old sister, will be studying in Paris next fall at the Sorbonne. Tall Pierre lives in a houseboat on the Seine. I casually suggested to my sister, Grace's mom, that Alida give Tall Pierre's cell phone number to Grace, so she would have someone in Paris whom she knows.

"Ummm... Tall Pierre?," said my sister. "And Grace? Umm... no. No. No."

But cousin Maggie and her three sisters all say that every girl should have Three Pierres at her wedding.

 That Old House is quite miffed that she is not the subject of today's post,
but I told her that she can't always be the star.

And after all, how many ladies of her age have three Frenchmen spend the night with her?
All on the same night? Oooo lah lah!

  Alida will not be having the Three Pierres at her wedding.
But we'll soldier on anyway!  Have a lovely Sunday.

I am leaving soon for the hospital; my Dad is being admitted
with what is likely another bout of pneumonia.  Please send good thoughts!
Thank you ... Cass 


  1. Congrats to your daughter Alida on (love her name) her engagement! I'm sure you'll have a blast doing all the planning! Weddings are so much fun! Sending good thoughts for your dad's recovery! Have a wonderful day!


  2. Hope all goes well for your Dad--prayers for all.
    Your son-in-law to be looks like a great candidate--have fun with the plans!!!


  3. Cass your post was as charming as the 3 charming Pierres. Such charming house guests. I hope your Dad gets well soon.

  4. I sure hope your dad will be okay soon. Your daughter and soon to be s-i-l look so cute together. I'm new here; hope you don't mind. :)

    The story of the 3 Pierre's, so funny!!

  5. Congratulations on your impending mother-in-law-hood! Loved the story of Les Trois Pierres!

    Saying a prayer for your dad.

  6. Congratulations on your up comping son! Oh, you shall be one busy lady! So happy not to be the Mother of the Bride, ever again! Well, when you, bake cakes,floral designer, You are expected to show your best! Oh, I did! So Thankful I will not have to be doing it ALL! lol I know your going to have so much fun, helping plan this wedding. Yes, I do remember this post! I remember how much I loved the Pierres! Oh, the crepes! lol Now I would like to say a prayer for your Dad! I do hope he is better soon, tell him he has a wonderful girl! You! lol

  7. Any guest who comes to my home and makes authentic French crepes is more than welcome! Oooo, la, la!

    New sil to be has a very cute dimple!
    It will look darling on their babies!

    I'm sorry your dad is back in the hospital, hope he recovers quickly!

    I lived in CA when my daughter was married in Austin. I didn't have to do a lot of the work, but we spent so much time on the phone back and forth about the details, problems, planning, etc. that I was worn out by wedding talk before I ever even got on the plane to actually make the trip!

  8. You will be very busy June will be here before you know!
    Prayers for your Dad...
    I love the 3 Pierre's :)

    New visitor and follower via Java!

    OH I love the house too!

  9. Congratulations on your blessed event! I do remember this post. I'm so sorry your dad is being hospitalized. Will be praying for y'all. laurie

  10. The Three Pierres, how funny! Congratulations on your blessed event, additions to the family are always nice!

  11. Cass,
    Great post. You will have so much fun planning this wedding. I will be anxious to hear about your plans. Hope your Dad gets better soon.


  12. Hi Cass, well, I've heard of Pierre Deux, but Pierre Trois is even better! My daughter also studied at Univ. of Edinburgh and LOVED it. She is considering returning there to study Medieval Lit and History for a master's degree. Congrats on your expanding family! I can't even imagine all that is involved in planning a wedding and don't want to think about it yet!! Good luck to you and your dad. Linda

  13. Congratulations, how exciting.
    Oh just think of all the photo ops this wedding will bring.
    What is so odd about 3 Pierres? I am Lori and so is my sister. Seriously, full blood sister same parents.
    Think there might be a story there?
    Poor Dad. Poor Cass. Be strong and take care of yourself too.

  14. What a wonderful story of the Three Pierres. I'm hooked.

    Here's a funny 'Alida' coincidence for you. In the early 20th Century, there was a nurseryman who lived iin New Jersey named Lovett. He was associated with a famous rose hybridizer (named Walter Van Fleet) who named three of his roses after Mr. Lovett's three daughters: Mary, Bess, and ALIDA. To me, with her lovely shade of pink and her graceful habit, Alida is the most beautiful of the three.

    Congratulations to you and your daughter on her engagement!! There seem to be quite a few engagement announcements out here in blog land. I can think of four others, my daughter's included, off the top of my head right now. What would you think of linking together provide a central spot to share our wedding plans?

    Please know that we wish only the best and speediest recovery for your father.


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