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Monday, January 10, 2011

And It Is Indeed . . .



Outside That Old House, it is 25 degrees.
Inside That Old House, where it is a balmy 67 degrees,
I am mainlining cold medicines and hot tea,
and going through mounds of cheap tissues.

I had a post planned for today, but malware struck my desktop computer again,
and it took me hours to clear it and return to being online.

So now, I'm ready to slip a little medicinal Yukon Jack
into my medicinal orange juice, and call it a day. 

Yes, the "forever" tree is still up and decorated in the parlor.  But the fresh greens are gone from the mantle; they were so dry they cracked as we put them in bags for disposing.  The mantle is de-glitzed, but I am not ready to give up red yet.

 In checking our weather forecast, I see that both the South and the Midwest,
having decided that Misery Loves Company,
are sending their latest snowstorms to the Northeast.  

Come tomorrow night, we'll have snow coming at us from two directions.
6 to 12 inches' worth.
That's not playing fair, guys.  I think that's called bullying.

Ah well, as I said before, it is Winter.

And we've got a roof over our heads, relatively snug walls, a fireplace if we get too chilly,
some food in the cupboards, candles we can light, books to read, and a dog to snuggle.

 Bring it on.

 See you tomorrow, my friends!  Stay warm and dry if you are in the path of nasty weather. -- Cass


  1. Bundle up if its coming your way! We got quite a bit here in our neck of the woods. I can only imagine you will get more up there if it's headed your way. See my post at Sailing Simply today! Stay safe and warm!

  2. I hope you feel 100% soon, Cass. Stay warm in your big old house and watch the snow fly!


  3. Cass- You are going to be SOOO sorry that you used CHEAP tissues-trust me on this! lol Hope you are soon feeling better and don't need ANY tissues. Lovely pictures as always...stay warm and get some rest. Hugs- Diana

  4. Love the Christmas tree. I would keep mine up all year if Joe would let me. I felt so bad that i had no tree this year. Hope you feel better soon! Joe says that he appreciates your artful photography.

  5. Sorry that you're not feelng well -- The Yukon Jack should help. We're getting snow today -- the first of the winter actually -- it snowed all day and suppose to snow all night 6 inches or so by the time it leaves! I guess that is one storm coming your way?

    But I love to watch the snow and it is big flakes and so pretty!

  6. Sorry about the cold, they are no fun! If it helps any, even my old antebellum in the south is currently covered in snow.
    Thanks for the reminders of all the good things.

  7. A Southern Bully reporting here. Hope you feel better soon...liquor up. Hey it was raining INSIDE our old house this morning. That was a swell way to start a Monday. Stay warm!

  8. Sorry the cold is still hanging around - hope you feel better soon. Hope the Yukon Jack helps. :D
    I usually leave a little red out at least thru Feb.. I will leave my red placemats on the table til after Valentine's Day, and replaced my holiday table decor with a container of red faux cheeries.
    Dion will keep you warm. :D

  9. Odd but it is not winter here, even though it should be. I'd welcome a storm day to sit and read and make soup. Oh well, there are lots of days yet.

  10. 10 inces of snow here in Jefferson SC and now we await the freezing rain. Hope you don't get to much bad weather

  11. Poor poor Cassie! I hope you feel better soon. Don't you go outside! Stay indoors with little Deon and stay warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.
    Hope it goes away soon.
    We had 5 plus inches today--no scholl forme today or tomorrow. See today post.

    Get well.


  13. It's snowing here, so I brought as much home from work with me as I could - hoping to be snowed in tomorrow!

  14. Sorry to hear you are feeling well. Hot toddy by the fire will do the trick. Take care:)

  15. Who says we have to take our stuff down now. Leave it up I say. Make it a month long season.

  16. I hope you soon feel much better - and the snow attacks are moderate. I confess that in winter it just doesn't snow here in Wellington, NZ - too windy, wet and maritime - but southern NZ gets it.

    Sending cosy huggles to you all (with an extra one smuggled in for darling Dion), Michelle and Zebby Cat, in our downunder summer

  17. Cass,

    Feel better soon. If the Yukon Jack doesn't work go directly to Jack Daniels!!! Take care.


  18. Oh No, Cass, not you too! I am suffering through a relapse of the flu (or whatever this is). I feel like I've been in a drug induced functioning coma since December. We are expecting MORE snow later today and tomorrow. Pass the Jack!
    Feel better, my friend.


  19. Glad I found your blog, please drop by and see mine. Thanks, Richard at

  20. Cass,
    This is a very beautiful post. The pictures are gorgeous. I've gazed upon them for some time now!
    I do hope you are feeling better, and soon!
    Happy Winter!

  21. This is a lovely post, and you're not feeling well but did it anyway plus had computer problems. Hope you feel better soon!



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