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Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Frank, Happy Dog, Silly Joke

Sometimes life is just so dopey.

 I wrenched my back this week, but did I do it painting
kitchen baseboards or carrying stacks of dishes or moving
tables or cooking endless pots of food?

No, I did it . . . turning.  Just standing in a room, and turning.

I think I'd feel better about this if there were
good reason for it, but this is just plain dopey.

So not much posting this week; sitting at the computer is not very comfy.
I'm trying to be good and give the muscles a rest.
But Dion reminded me today that he had not yet had a chance to wrap up his
Happy Frank's Giving Day story . . . so here it is.

Mr. Dion DiPoochy has the floor.

 Hello.  Dion here.
And now I know that I have been a very good dog, because last week,
on Happy Frank's Giving Day, Happy Frank left presents for me!

I got a new toy, and a pack of chew sticks tied up in a girlie ribbon,
but we'll forgive the girlie ribbon because I like the chew sticks.
All mine!
I mean, I really would have liked to get this:

but I understand that Happy Frank doesn't give us everything we want.

But then, I got to thinking.
(This is my thinking face.)

If I get presents from Happy Frank for being good, and Happy Frank ain't coming back for a year,
I don't have to be good until next year.

Usually if my human servants say I am bad, it's because I have managed to break through their
defenses and eaten something they selfishly keep for themselves.
But when I was a puppy, I remember there were some other things I liked to do. . . .

When Mom got up this morning, she found this:
But I don't understand why she called "Dion!" right away.
It's not as if she saw me.
It could have been someone else.

She tracked it back . . .


What? What?
You talkin' to me?
 I'm sorry.  But I've been so good, I just had to be a little bit bad.
Meanwhile, remember . . . after you have stolen next year's Halloween candy,
be careful and be good till the end of November.  You don't want Happy Frank to pass you by!
Your friend, Dion DiPoochy

And it's all true.  Well, except maybe where Dion got his presents.  Don't tell him,
but Aunt Phyllis brought the chew sticks and his little friends Aine and Eoin brought the toy.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling silly.
And I hope you are, too!

Oops!  I should have written "...we don't serve any Turkey after Thanksgiving...."  Oh well.

Tomorrow we're going out to the beach house.  Howard, B-I-L Bill and my brother Lindy are putting the ice eater under the dock; a sure sign of impending winter.  I think we'll do some shopping in Greenport, and then on Sunday, I would like to head to a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania to chop down a tree.  Or two.  Or three.

Howard says next weekend would be better for tree cutting; we'll see who wins.
I'm betting on him, actually.  He has the axe!

What are your weekend plans?  I hope they're good ones!  -- Cass

PS... no link parties today -- I wasn't sure anyone would want to be
associated with such a naughty little dog as Dion!


  1. Dion's thinking face is to die for. Cass take care of that back not over do. {{Hugs}} olive

  2. Cass.... Dion' pics are something incredible!!!ahahahah...anyway... the turkey story made me laugh a lot!!!
    Tomorrow I'm going to clean Kitchen and On Sunday I'm going to decoarte house and Xmas tree.An advice, take a tree on Sunday and Sunday!!! :D ...a big kiss to Dion from MOU and MOU!!! HAve a nice weekend

  3. I agree with Olive, the "thinking face" is just too much-love it! Have a great weekend, take care of your back:@)

  4. That Dion! He is sooooo cute!

  5. What a character- A real personality plus there! Hugs- Diana

  6. Such a cute post. Hope your back is feeling better soon.

  7. (2nd try....I think Blogger ate the first attempt! Disregard if this is a duplicate!!)

    That's only a little bit naughty it seems to me. After all, the paper is still in one long, dry piece!

    When our Emma would get into the bathroom wastebasket (usually when she was bored because we weren't home), she would chew up all the kleenex and paper and leave these big ol' soggy spit balls all over the house. Not to mention the hair that I pull from my brush each day!! Now THAT'S naughty!!

    I hope your back is better soon. My fella has problems with his back for no discernible reason from time to time. It still hurts, even though its dopey!!

  8. And I thought is was only cats that were sneaky and misbehaved.
    Poor you! Sore back this time of year is just not acceptable. I think you need a massage. Spa day.

  9. Cass,
    Hope your back is feeling better soon!
    I agree. The "thinking" face was absolutely priceless!
    Mister has put out his back doing such dopey things. It does get frustrating.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and your kitchen looked beautiful in spite of the TP trail through it!

  10. Cute post! Don't be so hard on yourself ... the back thing could have built up/been a delayed reaction to all that kitchen stuff. Hope it's better soon,

  11. Dion just cracks me up!!!!
    Sounds like a fun weekend for you--we'll be celebrating our anniversary.

    Hope your back is better.



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