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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hang 'em High, Or: Get Those Ornaments On Those Trees!

Let the decorating begin.
Or, rather, let the decorating finish!

After all, it is about time.

Yes those are my giant hands holding the camera, reflected in the red ornament.  I've never looked better.
So on Saturday --
We went out looking for a Christmas Tree.
We went to see what we could see.
The first tree we saw was much too small.
The next tree we saw was much too tall.
The next tree . . . 

I've wandered into Alida's Kindergarten Christmas play.
Why do these things stick in your mind?
And pop out at Christmas?

Anyway, I am not sure what lured us to Home Depot, but we bought the first tree we saw there. 
You do get a little nervous when everyone who passes you at the checkout line laughs and says,
"Whoa!  That's a really big tree you've got there!"

So, presenting our 2010 fresh tree --
its metamorphosis from being a hog-tied hostage at HD,
to being freed of its bonds in our sunroom,
to being laden with 1500 lights by my light-crazy husband..
It's not decorated yet, except for a few things (see first collage).

As for the tree in the Parlor,
we found a smaller one at Lowe's
(this must be the holiday of the Big Box Stores for us).
 This was last year's tree, which we decided was just too wide for the room.
We sold it on Craigslist for $10.  The lady who bought it was thrilled, so that made me happy.
But we needed a new tree, and oddly enough, the first one we looked at, which was at Lowe's, we bought.

Hmmm. . . it looks a little sad in this picture, but trust me; it's really nice in person.
I am not a big fan of manmade trees, but I love that I can leave the lights on and not fret about burning
the house down, and I love that a fake tree holds those big heavy ornaments that make real boughs droop.
I think this looks pretty nice for fake -- and it's a lovely soft realistic green color.
Would you believe we are having our Christmas party on Saturday the 18th, and our first house guests arrive on Thursday?
Our daughter Alida comes home on Wednesday night from California, but she doesn't count as a guest.
We put her to work!
Daughter Anne will pop in and out until the 22nd, when she's lands home for a little break.

We better get going emptying all the ornaments in those boxes.  That was on my weekend "to do" list.  Anyone want to guess how much of that "to do" list got done?  If you guess, "precious little, " then you are right.

But sometimes it's just nice to spend time with your husband, not doing what is on the "to do" list!
That's important, too.

Now, as my niece Alice used to say, "Mermy Grimace!"  -- Cass

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  1. Beautiful trees, Cass. I do the manmade route now. The real trees in Florida are very expensive and very dry. I like leaving the lights on it!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


  2. Hi Cass,
    Sounds like you are busy too! I can imagine the lady was very happy to get your old tree for $10. and your new tree fits so nicely in your room so everyone is happy.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas,


  3. It all looks so pretty already!! It is a busy time isn't it!
    We have to do manmade becasue of my allergies and asthma and the kitties. I love the smell of the fresh pine though...still, manmade has a lot of advantages!
    Have fun with all your decorating!

  4. Part of me is enjoying watching all you girls decorate your trees without having to expend the effort to do one myself - - - no room in this tiny duplex, but then there was no room for the babe in the Inn that first year either, so I'm not SO out of the Christmas spirit!

    I THINK I've figured out where I COULD put a tree another year - - - a nice skinny but kinda tall tree like one of yours only skinnier - - - another year. But for this year, we are going treeless.

    In the mean time, I'm enjoying my OTHER Christmas things and longing for some spot to put up some Christmas lights but not working my brain TOO much even at that since it saves the effort of UNPACKING the lights, and of course after having just unpacked all those moving boxes, unpacking is NOT high on my priority list - - -

    Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Beautiful trees.... and I love the "Merry Grimace"!!!!! That's what it feels like sometimes, right? Especially when there is SO much to do.

    Have a productive and beautiful week!

  6. The trees are great, Cass and fit the sizes of the rooms perfectly. We still get the fresh tree but I am starting to have my doubts about that since one thing after another has gotten in the way of our getting it this year. I've got my fingers crossed on tonight!


  7. I like b oth your trees and sometmes your first love is your true love!!!

    Get decorating if you're going to be done by Thursday!!!! At least the lights are on and that's the biggest chore IMO.

  8. Howard is the best...1500 lights...oh my goodness. It does rock the disco...have a tree decorating party! ♥O

  9. Your trees are so pretty! I go the manmade route also. The last year I had a real tree, It was so dry by Christmas morning that I turned the lights on only long enough for the kids to open packages and the first sight of what "Santa" brought them. Ornaments off and taken to the curb by late afternoon. Also, due to my allergies, being in a closed up house with the fresh greenery sends them into overdrive.
    The lady got a great deal!
    Not sure when we are celebrating just yet - waiting to hear if son in law has on certain days.
    Have a great evening.

  10. Your trees are so pretty! I'm with you on the manmade vs real route, too. The smell of a real tree can't be faked, but there's something to be said for the slim manmade one's ability to fit in any room where it's rounder cousin couldn't.

    We have an enormous real tree in the great room, but I would never remember to water more than one tree and who wants to be vacuuming needles in every room of the house? We have a manmade tucked into the kids' rec room and a little one in each kids room.

  11. Gorgeous trees, Cass. Nothing prettier than a lit up Christmas tree in the evening.


  12. Cass- BOTH trees are beautiful. And, I like the way the artifical ones hold the ornaments too...the real ones tend to droop and bend and I can't tell you how many we lost in those first years. Sometimes your first choice is the best one, huh? Hugs- Diana

  13. Hello Cass!
    Lovely decorations, i like your tree.

    I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas!hope your father is better.


  14. Cass,
    So beautiful. And yes, skipping the to-do list and hanging out with hubby is wonderful. And more important than the to-do list, anyway!
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Love your trees. Very festive. I like lots of lights myself but my husband whose job it is to put them on the tree does not. So, ours is a little stingy on the lights.

  16. Hi Cass!

    I love both Christmas trees in your house! We got back from Colorado on Monday morning and went right out to HD to buy our tree was almost the last large one left in the store!

    Your ornaments are beautiful -- wonderful mosaic!

  17. Hi- I just came across your blog and I think I spent five minutes just looking at the header before scrolling down- your house is beautiful!
    Hope you enjoy tree decorating. I bet that tree in the sunroom looks great from the outside too.

  18. Hi Cass!
    I tried to e-mail, but failed. The roquefort pies are made with cheese, cream and one egg(mixed)poured on top of grapes.Oven 180°C for about 10mn (keeping an eye on them while baking) i also make some with ,pears and roquefort or wallnuts and cheese.
    I wish you a good day, Catherine

  19. Cass, you are just a fun person! Your ornaments you showed are so pretty. I love that puppy ornament. Your trees are going to look gorgeous. Now get to decorating! Not to add to your stress, but Christmas is almost here! laurie


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