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Friday, December 17, 2010

Eeeeeeekkk! It's The Day Before Our Party . . .

. . . and in my usual style,
I've got a pile of things still to do.

I work best under pressure.

In fact, if there's no pressure, I sometimes don't get anything done.
If I didn't occasionally entertain, I don't know when I'd vacuum . . . .

 But since we'll have about two dozen holiday merrymakers at
That Old House tomorrow,
 I think that today I really DO
need to finish trimming the trees
and decking the halls,
 and maybe do a little cooking.
I also need to turn that Swedish straw horse around.  He looks rather rude in that position.

But don't you think that the vacuuming should be left until tomorrow morning?
After all, Howard is so very good at it.

Thankfully, my daughter Alida is home from California, and is a willing helper.
She is at the supermarket right now, list in hand, merrily skipping through the aisles like a
Christmas elf, gathering up the nuts and berries for our winter feast.

I am supposed to be decorating.
Ssshhh . . . don't rat me out! -- Cass


  1. I'm the same way..I'm not even sure of the menu for my Open House on Tuesday but it will all come together and I'll not stress about it...Definitely wait to vacuum at the last possible minute or it'll need it again...low lighting works best then guests can't look too closely...I love the Cat ornament.
    Mama Bear

  2. Hi Dear Cass! I love seeing your tree!! Ha, I laughed about your comment about your horsesies bum bum shining! Oh, I always let Mr. Precious vacuum!! He's good at it too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Cass,
    I work best under pressure except when I don't...I think my get up and go just got and went...Where it is the two of us (except for Christmas Eve), there is no pressure. I am quite nostalgic this year. I am trying to decide of I should share the memory of "the year I peeked".

    Have a wonderful party. We are off to friends for Christmas dinner and then to Ft. Myers the day after.


  4. My handsome husband is the one who vacuums here as well. did we all pull that off?

  5. U b me!
    I work better under pressure too.
    Have a GR8 party!

  6. I know what you are going through. We had our whole family here last weekend. Take it easy and very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. Beautiful tree, and You'll have a Beautiful Party to match! Oh Yes, Hubbies do such a WONDERFUL JOB of vacuuming, WHY should we EVER step in on that!!! Relax and have FunfunFunfunFun!!!
    Hugs to you, Donna

  8. You are too funny! I'd leave the horse and see if anyone notices!!
    Just look kinda stressed in the morning and I'm sure the vacuum fairy will get the job done, works for me anyway!!

  9. Have a wonderful party! We're having one tomorrow too. My hubby does the vacuuming in our house ; it's on his "to-do" list for tomorrow morning!!

  10. Love the Orange Kitty ornament in the 1st photo, reminds me of my feline!! Too cute!! Is it a needlepoint ornament? Too cute!!

  11. I'm usually in a state of chaos before a party but it somehow all manages to come together by the time the guests arrive. Your tree is so pretty.

  12. I hope you enjoy your party, and I HOPE that dog and cat on the same tree don't fight and destroy EVERYTHING before the company even comes - - - or WORSE YET, while they are there!

  13. Oh, Cass I SOOOO feel your pain!! We have our holiday party tomorrow night too - the house needs to be cleaned, the decorations need to be finished, the food needs to be prepped, I haven't come close to finishing my Christmas shopping and haven't warpped A THING! ACK! Somehow it all works out though - every year :) Have a wonderful time tomorrow!

  14. Our daughter's always know what we are doing! Have fun.

  15. I hear ya! I have so much to do and 30 people coming for dinner on Sunday night! I worked all week and am feeling a bit overwhelmed at all I have to do. Wish I had a couple of elf helpers! xxoo Diana

  16. Enlist the help of your Minions and you sit back and give directions. You can do that. Yes?

  17. Enjoy, don't stress. It all gets done somehow and if it doesn't no one will know or care except you! The one thing I have learned after entertaining, a lot in the last thirty years, is this, people don't care if you serve them a boiled hot dog in a soggy bun, they just love to be invited. Put yourself in your guests shoes...I am always about the fun of being together. A great meal is a bonus. If there are last minute things to be done, most guests are happy to pitch in! Happy Holidays!

  18. Oh, Cass...I think I like you so much because we are SO alike. Hubby invites company just to get the house clean.

    Have a ball!


  19. I SO understand all of much! I am so much like this! : ) But I know you got all that mattered done and that the party will be a huge success!! Have fun!

  20. Hope your PARTY is full of FUN!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  21. I can and do completely identify with the "Push It To The Last Minute" Syndrome. I suffer from that too. Looking good!

  22. The tree looks lovely, as does That Old House. We're having many over on Christmas Day, I have a little more time to get frantic over the preparations. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

  23. Christmas arrived at our house with the grandchildren and anything that's not done isn't likely to be started at this point! I'm still struggling with the old back but managing to have lots of fun with the boys! Good luck with the entertaining.

  24. My frantic has hits it's high andI should be woking on getting stuff done for our get together
    tomorrow with family but here I am on the computer.
    Oh well--it will get done. Hopefully.
    The house and trees look lovely.
    Have fun.


  25. Waiting...for results....hugs...Flavia

  26. Cass...hope your party was a big success! I know what you mean about having to entertain occasionally to get that house cleaned. :)
    Now it's all done and you can relax and enjoy the holidays. :)

  27. I'm always down to the wire with preparing and cleaning. I hope you have a wonderful party!

  28. Cass,
    I am sure it was a lovely party! I am following intently to get every glimpse of your house that's posted in its Christmas finery!

  29. OMGoodness, how I wish I could procrastinate for entertaining.
    I have always argued in addition to "fight or flee" freeze should be added. I become absolutely paralyzed if I do not trick myself into believing "everything is taken care of".
    I am still smiling at you posting on the blog instead of preparing for your party:-)


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