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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There's More To Life Than Painting -- There's eBay And Goodwill

It isn't all cans of paint and rolls of wallpaper here at That Old House.
One must make time to feed one's thrifting soul . . . .

This past weekend, the Goodwill Industries stores in New Jersey
marked all housewares and pictures at 50-percent off.

Sadly, I only got to one GW, and that one on Sunday, but it was well worth my while.
Also worth my while, my annual Fall eBay search for vintage linens.

Grab a cup of tea, while I show you what my few bucks bought.

Four vintage pillowcases with beautiful handwork embellishment, and a linen table runner with amazing filet crochet trim.  Each piece:  99-cents on eBay, all from the same seller so she combined shipping and charged me just $3 to ship it all.

One pillowcase with knitted lace:

A second knitted lace pillowcase:

 A hand-embroidered pillowcase:

I fiddled with this picture, below, so you could see the beautiful work.
I think it was originally done in blue floss, but the blue has faded to near-white over time:

Last pillowcase -- lovely heavy old percale, with sturdy crochet trim:

Now, about that table runner:

Ecru linen, worn tissue thin with use and washing:

Beautiful ecru crochet cotton work -- loads of filet crochet of roses, in perfect shape.

My plan for this dear old piece is to layer it with another piece of linen to reinforce the very vulnerable original linen, and then to -- maybe! -- cut it in half across the middle, and make sweet curtains for the window above my kitchen sink.  My heart shrinks from cutting it, but it can't be used as is without endangering the seams holding it together or actually tearing the linen.

If I'm brave, I'll show you the results!

Next from eBay, different seller, 5 perfect vintage table napkins, 22" square, for $2.99.  60-cents apiece.

Here's a hint to getting excellent bargains on eBay or even at brick-and-mortar resale shops:
buy odd numbered groupings.

5 napkins sells for far less than 6 napkins.
1 pillowcase is a steal.  2 matching pillowcases?  Definitely not a steal.
7 sells for less than 8, etc. . . you get the idea.

 Now, what about Sunday at Goodwill?

 I am always on the lookout for bowls, and found a really nice, perfect, maroon colored one,
definitely meant for the holidays, but I put a pothos in it because I always have more plants than cachepots.

At 50% off -- $1.00.

 A 15-inch long silverplated serving dish caught my eye.

 It has grapes and vines, and we love grapes and vines here at That Old House.
Because of our real grapes and vines!

 A wee bit of tarnish on the Art Nouveau style handles. . . .
 It even has grapes on its little backside!
 $2.00 for the tray.  Score!

Last Thursday I used pewter in a tablescape, and
decided that for Thanksgiving this year I'd use pewter candlesticks on my table.
And since I'm having trouble locating all my pewter candlesticks, I felt lucky to find these at GW:

$3.00 for the pair.  Sweet.

And if you are still with me, I salute you.
Sorry for such a marathon post!

My last GW bargain:

This is a large piece of crewel embroidery.
It's a Jacobean style, and I think it may be a pattern from a Williamsburg kit.
It is gorgeously and meticulously done.

It was professionally framed once upon a time in Texas;
how it ended up in New Jersey will remain a mystery.

It is self-matted, with a very plain and now-scuffed wood frame.

I am not sure what I'm going to do about the frame, but I'll think of something.
I just could not leave this lovely piece of needlework leaning up against the wall at the back of GW . . .
especially not for $6.00.

It would make a beautiful pillow, but clearly the stitcher wanted it protected and not sat upon,
so I'm going to keep it framed, as she wished.

It's bad enough that I might be cutting up some other woman's linen table runner!


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Thanks for visiting!  It's back to the paint cans for me: Thanksgiving looms!


  1. Wow you scored big time on the linens! Then a fab trip to the GW. I love the silver tray and the pewter candlesticks, but my fav is the framed needlework. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi, You did great at goodwill. I think making a cute curtain for above your sink would be wonderful!I think i know the goodwill you go to. I've been there once.I'm going to have to go again.


  3. I just love those beautiful pillowcases and that silver tray is a real beauty! Thanks for sharing your new treasures at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS.


  4. You have the best luck on ebay and at Goodwill...or better yet, you have a great strategy, thank you for sharing it! The pillow cases and runner are lovely and I like your idea of making curtains. The tray and cache pot are gorgeous!


  5. What great GoodWill finds! Can you believe it? Our own Goodwill here is not so great. But the silver tray and candlesticks are wonderful.

    I love old vintage pillowcases with the tatted or crocheted edgings too. I have a few from my family and have found others here and there over the years. What fun finds..and I can't believe the price you paid on eBay! Good job! Hugs- Diana

  6. You found some really beautiful treasures. Your crochet trimmed pillowcases remind me of the ones I just purchased. I have twin antique beds I just purchased and I am having so much fun finding vintage bed linens for them.

  7. Cass,

    Good idea for the curtains. I think the needlework is meant to be used and the runner will make perfect curtains.

    Love the wall paper you are using in the kitchen.

    Great bargains, my friend.


  8. Oh boy, what fabulous finds! I am anxious to see the finished curtain. Crossing my fingers for you.


  9. I get serious sensory overload on ebay but you get serious bargains! Love the table runner. The framed embroidery is so pretty!

  10. Cass,
    What amazing deals! The linens are wonderful. The runner would make beautiful curtains in the kitchen.

  11. Wow, you found tons. Love all of the linens, and the silver is stunning. The beautifu crewel embroidery is beautiful too. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  12. Beautiful linens! You found such wonderful treasures...lucky girl!!!!!!

  13. You really did good! Love that tray and what a price! If the beautiful piece is not usable as it is, I think I would take a chance if it was me.
    Keep us updated.

  14. Gorgeous stuff , you would never find lace or crochet for those prices in England .2 weeks ago I paid £10 for 3 small pieces of lace .
    I have tonight posted on my blog a lampshade on which I have sewn 2 of the pieces I bought--------cottonreel

  15. Cass, once again, you have found some gorgeous linens and deals. The crocheting is amazing, just beautiful and I love how you feel a connection to the person who created them. I'm sure they would be honored to know their work has gone to such a fine and gracious new home.

  16. Great finds, they are all lovely. Curtains for the kitchen would be nice from the runner. Take care:)

  17. Nifty thrifties! Love the linens.


  18. I'm your newest follower.

  19. Cass, You found some beautiful linens and the embroidered one is my favorite. The crewel would make a gorgeous pillow. Great finds.
    xo, Sherry

  20. My oh my, everything is gorgeous but I especially love the white linen, soooo beautiful!

  21. Why wasn't I informed about the 50% off sale at Mediocre Mikes (what I call our local NJ Good Will)? Always the last to know. I adore the white hand-embroidered pillowcase and the framed crewel embroidery. Treasures!

    Your Friend,

  22. AMAZING treasures, Cass. We don't have a GW close by. I should take a field trip...

  23. Why does our Good Will only sell ratty old 80's comforters, used paperback books and bits of plastic - bowls, strainers etc.....and a lot of old baby stuff? *sigh* I guess I just live in the wrong neighbourhood!

  24. Linens melt my heart! I love that crewel work you bought -- too beautiful!


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