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Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Changes Inside and Out

It's been drizzly, off and on, at That Old House this week.
Not buckets of rain . . . just enough to be a little bit aggravating.
Enough to feel damp.

Like this pumpkin, at the top of our stone steps.

 And the thick green leaves on the Autumn Joy Sedum:
 Which is so big, it's collapsing under its own weight:
 Even Garden Bunny, who lives among the stones and the ivy, looks damp.  And muddy.
 Because, well, he is.

But this morning?  Just a few light floating drizzles, just enough to prompt Howard
to tuck his umbrella under his arm when he left for the city, just enough to slow down the drying
in the newly painted sunroom, just enough to make us not trust the sun that has followed.

Like the drizzle, I've been busy this week.  With a paintbrush.  Off and on.
My last post was about my having absolute conniptions about choosing the right color for this room.

This morning I finished up the last coats on the trim,

and now I'm off to Sherwin-Williams, which is almost right around the corner,
for a slightly-darker-than-too-white color for the walls.

I just can't adjust to having really white walls in the sunroom.
I'll leave the trim white, but the walls are going just ever so slightly darker.
Soon, we'll be able to move the furniture back into the conservatory, so it will look like this again:

Only different.
And speaking of different. . .  you may have met my sister Peggy and her husband Bill
in one or another of my blog posts.  But not like this.  Not as brand-new grandparents of twin boys:

Now aren't they cute?  The baby boys are pretty sweet, too!

I am really jealous that my sister now has much better toys than I do.
On Thursdays, Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage hosts Transformation Thursday.
I'm climbing aboard, with our partly-done transformation of our sunroom,
and the total transformation of my sister and her hubby into completely loopy grandparents.  

Click here to join the party, and see what else is going on!

And speaking of changes, Mr. Dion DiPoochy has taken it into his little head that the freshly painted wall
nearest the sunroom door is the absolutely best place to take a snooze.  Tight up against the wall.

It's an old house.  I can always tell people the wall is hair plaster.

I'm off to the paint store, then later down to New Brunswick for dinner with daughter Anne,
so we can gush about the babies out in Michigan.  -- Cass

P.S.  What does that new carpeting look like?  Answer tomorrow!


  1. It's looking great so far- the room you have to work with is GORGEOUS!! LOVE all those windows! Your poochie and your sister & fam are so sweet! Gotta love newborn babies and twins...awww! so precious! I also wanted to say thank you so very much for your kind words on my blog about my grandmother and dementia. I really appreciate your offer of friendship and an ear. It is so incredibly sweet of you. Thank you! Hugs Courtney :)

  2. Your conservatory will be smashing!!!! I can't wait to see it AND the new furniture arrangement.

    When will you get to see the twins? Soon I hope?

    Alas, today is washing breakfast room windows day outside (Jim) and ironing inside (me) -- now if the garden would be up to those clean clean windows! Perhaps we should have left them murky -- then no one could really see the weedy unkempt garden!


  3. The sun room looks fabulous, Cass. I know what you mean about stark white walls, the trim will really show off with a bit darker wall color.

    Congrats to your sister and the new mom and dad! Both little bundles are precious!!


  4. Those babies are gorgeous! I don't blame you for being jealous. And the sun room looks wonderful as well. (You reminded me of the painting jobs I didn't finish yet this year.)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your sunroom/conservatory will be even more fabulous once you have the painting completed. I'm thinking the new carpet looks like "waffles?"
    With sisters it's always about who has the the better "dolls." Her new ones look precious. Just remember it makes you a Great Aunt. ;-)

    Sorry...had a misspell in the first attempt.

  7. Cass,
    Your room is looking wonderful. The twins are wonderful. Your sister and her husband look so proud and happy!

    Dion is the best.


  8. Good luck on your quest! With just the right color, that room will pop! You'll find it!

    I always wanted twins to show up in our family. (My grandmother had twins.) But it never happened. It would kill me that they are so far away!! I hate not having my sister close by.

  9. Wow, Cass, how exciting to have two new little ones in your family.

    I just followed you over here from your comment on Catherine's blog post featuring the dollhouse, I agree with you that it's absolutely charming. I'm a dollhouse blogger, with a little from time to time about my old house (I live in Sydney, Australia and my cottage is in New Zealand so we only get to be there one month a year). Knowing that you like the dollhouse on Catherine's blog I think you might like to see my (Australian) friend Linda's French dollhouse on her blog at - she's in Paris at the moment so there are gorgeous Paris photos to see too :)

    I'm a bit short of time at the moment because it's the end of the semester at university down here but I'll be back to see more of your 'old house' :)

  10. G'day Cass ~ Your conservatory is absolutely fabulous & charming, elegant & inviting. Put the kettle on, I'm on my way over ...

    I am blu-envious of your sister! Ours are all past this stage in life :( ! Beautiful blessings to behold.

    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  11. Looking forward to seeing your sunroom redo completed.
    Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents!

  12. Love your conservatory. I can't wait to see it all redone. The twins are such a precious blessing. They look like such happy grandparents. Congratulations to all. Hugs, Marty

  13. The sunroom is looking cheerful, love your new carpet. It will wear wonderfully, I have it in the basement TV room. The new grandparents look so proud and happy. Take care:)

  14. OH I love your conservatory! I didn't know you had one of those! Wow! I would certainly enjoy this room endlessly. I cannot wait to see how it ends up cause I think it looks wonderful so far. Congrats to your sister on the twins. How exciting!

  15. I'd be like Mr. Dion, I would never leave that room, even empty!

  16. First, congratulations to the entire family on your new twins :) I love twins!

    Second: Dogs, Cats, Kids and New Irresistible Attraction :)

  17. What a grand room!! I know it will be wonderful as you finish up the last touches! I have always wanted an old house!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope you will visit often as I have so much more to come!
    Happy Painting!

  18. Hi Cass,
    Well you are getting there. Hope Dion did not stick when he tried to get up! Glad you came through the rain okay. Those babies are so cute, your sister is a lucky grandma indeed!

  19. Lucky sister - she really does have the best toys now!
    Your carpet looks like Triscuit crackers - love it!


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