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Sunday, October 31, 2010


A little atmosphere, please.
After all . . . it is Halloween! 

 . . . and . . .


That Old House is haunted by some charming ghosts, including this one . . . 3-year old Annie, in her beloved "Maid Marion" costume.

19 years ago.
How did that happen?

This adorable little girl (and I am not the least bit biased in that judgment), is now a grown-up graduate student.

Seriously, when did that happen?

Actually, it's I who am haunted.
Not That Old House!

I hope we get at least a few
Trick Or Treaters at our door today.

We'd be happy to see them!

We're not so scary.

Truly, we're not.

And as I said . . . we have some of the
most charming ghosts.  Just ask our Rudy,
all dolled up in a witch cookie hat:

BOO!  -- Cass

P.S.  thank you for the good wishes and prayers for my Dad.  He had to go back to the hospital yesterday, but was not admitted and is back home today and doing better.  Please forgive me for not commenting on so many of your blogs -- I am snatching time to read but time's been tight this week -- not much commenting.  I hope things settle down now.


  1. Happy Halloween!
    Hope your Father continues to improve.

  2. I hope your dad's health settles and that he begins to feel back-to-normal soon. What a worry!
    Have fun with those trick or treaters!

  3. A little behind on your posts. Sorry too hear about your Dad but glad he is coming home!

    Happy Halloween to youQ!


  4. Cass,
    Happy Halloween to you! Hope you get some trick or treaters.
    God bless your Dad's health. Glad he's back home again.

  5. Cass, I feel the same way about my grown kidlets, "Where did the time go???" Happy Halloween and I posted some of my Halloween decorations recently on my blog too. BTW, cute post.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  6. Cass- Yep-those little Princesses grow up and have Princesses and Princes of their own...and that is even better than the original motherhood we all knew and loved. I hope your Dad continues to improve...that is always worrisome to have a parent that is not feeling well. Hugs- Diana

  7. Hoping that you dad gets better real soon. Happy Halloween!


  8. Cass you are haunted but with a fine sense of humor! ♥O

  9. Have a Happy Halloween!!! Ours with be extremely "witchy"!!!!
    My " buy" for next year -- a lighted pumpkin that says "The Witch Is In" -- off to make my traditional Halloween chili and carve my jack o lantern -- Halloween is so much fun!!!!

  10. Since it's Halloween, do you invite the downstairs ghosts upstairs for a little cup 'o tea and a little apple bobbing? Or do you just let them stay down there starving?

  11. Your decorations are so great...and the photos are greatest!!!
    Sending healthy wishes for your Dad!!!

  12. Love that mantel and the bats! Just wonderful.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. It is weird how fast 19 years flies past. Annie looks so cute in her little princess costume. Hope everything is well with you and yours today!

  14. Love that pic of can tell how that costume made her feel like the most beautiful princess of all!

  15. Cute little princess! We didn't have many trick or treaters at our door this year. We never know!
    Like the idea of hanging the jack over the mirror. Clever! ~ sarah

  16. Annie was Maid Marion that year, remember? :) was that the same year I dressed up as Peter Pan and got mad because everyone thought I was Robin Hood?


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