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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How 'Bout A Cuppa Tea, Dearie?

Remember these guys, below?

I got them at the huge Visiting Nurse Association Rummage Sale in May '09.  (More on that, later!)
Today, I am using one of them to offer a nice hot cup of tea to you!

Welcome to Thursday, surely one of the busiest days in our virtual community.
I'm piling on the parties:

Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch.
Vintage Thingies Thursday, hosted by Suzanne at Coloradolady.
And. . .
Thrifty Thursday, hosted by Leigh of Bloggeritaville.

Many thanks to these three ladies for their hosting skills, and inspiration!
And some of you will recognize this post, as it originally "aired" on September 3rd, last year.
Today has turned out to be one of those days -- and I hope you will forgive my archival post!
Can you think of it as vintage?


Welcome to That Old House;  come for a spot of tea, have you?
Sure you don't want to reconsider?
Our coffee is usually better than our tea . . . I'm just saying . . . .

No?  Tea it is?  All righty, then.  Let's just pop into the dining room:

To compensate for the tea-bag tea, I'm using some of my prettiest things.
The teapot is gilt and cobalt, Meissen and quite old:

Lucky me, it was a gift from my in-laws.
A little plate that looks almost the same as the Meissen, but . . . is not.  Still, cobalt and gilt:

I got it for a few dollars on Ebay.

The candlestick is one of two Staffordshire pieces Howard and I picked up years ago at a tiny antiques shop on
Manhattan's East Side, one Sunday after brunch.  It's a reproductions, but by now almost 30 years old.

At this matinee, the role of the napkin will be played by a small guest towel,

very old and well-worn linen, with charming embroidery.

And an intricate hand crocheted edging.

The napkin ring is one of the pair that my grandparents used;

it is a heavy, hand carved shell.

Now for the tea cup!

One of six gilt and cobalt lustreware sweeties I got at the VNA Rummage Sale in May 2009.
From Japan, and with some age on them.

Now -- a question for all you tabletop mavens out there.
When the dinnerware is elaborate, as is this tea cup, should the flatware be simple, or equally elaborate?

What do you like better. . . .

. . . the tea cup with the very vintage Georgian pattern spoon, a simple classic design,

. . . or the tea cup paired with the swirly, vintage Blenheim pattern spoon?

Side by side.

I actually polished the spoons for this post.  Hastily, but still . . . .
And about that Visiting Nurse Association Rummage Sale?  If you are in New Jersey, near New Jersey, want to fly to New Jersey, mark your calendars for October 1, 2 and 3 of 2010.  The VNA Sale is the largest and longest-running rummage sale in the state, and it is amazing.

Visit here if you want a little more info.

Happy Hunting.  Now scat!  Go visit other thrifty, vintage, table-topping posts!  I think I hear the kettle whistling . . . .  -- Cass


  1. Thanks for the spot of tea! I am a new fan.

  2. First off, the Meissen teapot is stunning. What a treasure! The cups and saucers are wonderful with it, and I absolutely love the carved shell napkin rings. Good use of the staring tea towel. I often let these delights take on the role of napkin. As for swirly or tailored, either works for me. They are both beautiful silver. ~ Sarah

  3. Everything compliments each other so nicely. Love that teapot and plate.

    It would be very tempting to come to the rummage sale. Well, there is time to think about it...

    Becky K

  4. Such elegance! I'd choose the Blenheim, definitely.

  5. Cass..
    Hot tea would be lovely on this COOL 57 degree day in everything on the table..
    both spoons are beautiful..
    I think swirly is more befitting..
    so your coffee is always on?
    mugs or cups..
    see ya in a few!
    warmest hugs..
    thinking about a pot of stew for dinner.. multitasking you know.
    the crockpot cooks/stews while I blog and surf!

  6. Thanks for the cup of tea, Cass. What a lovely setting it is. The teapot is so very romantic and I'm opting for the Blenheim spoon, darling! :)
    Love your Grandparent's napkin ring. How exquisite!

  7. What a pretty tea set. May I have coffee please?:D

  8. I'm not a maven but I like the fancier spoon although I really like the plainer spoon. But that fancy cup and pot should have a fancy spoon . . . and since you HAVE them!

  9. Blenheim spoon for me, please!

  10. I like the simple teaspoon, simple and elegant beside fancy. But then I am a simple kind of gal. Take care and have a great weekend.

  11. Thanks for the tea!
    All your thrify finds are cool too.

    Have a wonderful Friday.


  12. Very elegant setting. I really like the flatware.

  13. I like the fancy spoon with the tea cup. Trying not to covet tea pot or cups.....


  14. There something so very satisfying about a cup of tea in a beautiful cup - and that pot! Gorgeous.
    One of my favorite books ends with the line '"Here, dear", said Lilly. "sit down and have a cuppa tea till I tell you about your mother"

  15. Beautiful tea party! And, BTW, I was a NJ-VN years ago! My favorite job ever I think.

  16. Exquisite !
    The fancy silverware has scrollwork like the tea cup dishes do.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I am no tabletop maven, but I definitely like the swirly fancy spoon better. I'd love to come to tea at your house! Happy VTT!


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