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Monday, June 14, 2010

Of Cabbages and Lilies and Pineapple Plates . . .

It was 50% off the prices of everything in the Goodwill Industries Stores in our area this weekend.
After church on Sunday, Anne and I stopped into two outlets.

At the first one, a porcelain candy or vanity dish:

It was made at the turn of the last century by Oscar and Edgar Gutherz of Alt-Kohlaw in Austria.

I looked it up. :-)

A little plaque we will send out to Alida for her California kitchen --
she says she needs decorative stuff. Be careful what you wish for, Alida!

Best part of this plaque is the back. I am puzzling over what is meant by this:

It's made in Canada.
Surely our neighbors to the north don't remove hangers in order to hang things, eh?

In another Goodwill, more loot.
4 handpainted plates, from Italy.

Hey, I said they were handpainted. I didn't say they were painted well.

But I like their goofy cheerfulness for the summer.
They are dinner sized, very useful.
(And you know I need more dishes, right?)

Finally, a cabbage leaf pedestal dish.

I'm a sucker for cabbage leaf designs.

Lastly, on this Monday, a mosaic of our lilies:

Daylilies mostly, except for that little wisp of fur at the bottom of the collage.
That's our Lily, a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whom we adopted in 1996 through breed rescue.
Lily was a little bit of a thing -- all ears and attitude -- and three years ago, when she was 12, we lost her.

I wish I had more pictures of her; she was very pretty, and even more opinionated.
In this old shot, above, she's in someone's lap. As usual. That's our Dion's ear
you see on the far right of the picture; he was a very young boy then and wanted in on the lap sitting.


Visit Mary at Little Red House for more mosaics; Mosaic Monday has
inspired zillions of bloggers to learn new skills!

At Southern Hospitality, it's Today's Thrifty Treasures. Go see if anyone else took advantage of Goodwill's 50-percent off bargain weekend!

Have a wonderful week -- Cass


  1. Gorgeous place and mosaic Cass.
    Happy MM.


  2. Cass I think they are all great finds, and I love the primitive vivid designs on the plates!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Mom, just a heads up . . . if that Cafe Delicioso plaque would be too heavy or burdensome to ship . . . I would not be in any way crushed if it never made it out to California :-p

  4. Cass,

    Great stuff. You find the best deals. I think they see me coming and say, "Let's mark this up!"

    Have a great week. I hope to post about the tomatoes this week! Very, very far behind....


  5. Cass, you always find the best. I love the cabbage plate and vanity tray- and I would have loved to have known Lily!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. What great finds...and those puppy loves! I have a malti-poo, cav mix puppy (an expensive mutt, Mr. B. says) who is just adorable. He looks like a stuffed animal. Now I know why he has those gorgeous eyes!

  7. Good finds Cass!
    And your lilies are looking so lovely!
    I just planted some of the orange ones yesterday, they are very pretty!
    Cute puppy too.
    Our kitty is Lily, love that name!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Wonderful finds at Goodwill, sorry for the loss of your friend. Have a great week.

  9. Of course we Canadians take off the hanger before hanging up the picture or you would have the hanger in the way and would be able to properly hang the picture????????????????
    Surely you can understand that, can't you? C'mon now don't leave me hanging.

  10. Oh dang, Alida -- I forgot you read the blog.

    You cannot get out of the Cafe Delicioso plaque that easily, my girl. And it's lightweight, and apparently does not even need a HANGER.

    Next time we visit California, I expect to see it prominently displayed.
    Love, Mama

  11. Nice finds - really like the cabbage leaf plate.
    Look at Lily's sweet face!
    Have a great week.

  12. Cass, those are some pretty pieces! And I have to say, your old house is just beautiful. Lucky you to live there!

  13. What great finds at GW. And such a bright and coloful mosaic--thanks for brightening my day!

  14. Hi Cass - you did very well for yourself in the thriftshops. I agree with you about the pineapple plates. I would have bought them too. Your little Lily fits right into your pretty mosaic.

  15. I am seriously crushin' on the cabbage leaf pedestal dish!!! I love half price day at Goodwill, however, we don't have near as many good finds as you do. Giggle out loud over the Remove Hanger Before Hanging! That is just plain silly.
    **kisses** Deb

  16. Half price at Goodwill is the best but I rarely find any bargains at the store by my house. I often wonder who prices the items at my GW? Some GA blog gals go to the same one I visit and also said the same thing about the prices being a bit high for some things you can buy at the store for the same price new. I am sorry you lost your sweet pet.

  17. What an adorable dog. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Oh Cass

    What treasures. Love the cabbage design - so vintae.


  19. Love the pedestal dish. I've been looking for a nice good sized one for our dining room table but all the ones I find are too small. *keeps looking*

    I like the cabbage design too!

  20. Hi, great finds, love your pup and your mosaic! Very sorry for your lose though, I have 3 furry ones and 3 kitties of my own that's getting up there in years now and it's something I try not to think about but something that I know is coming soon. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day!

  21. I love GW. I was going to stop there last time I was out and forgot. i will have to make a special trip now . I need more dishes. LOL!

  22. We all need more dishes!!!
    Love the pedestal dish.


  23. Gorgeous lily mosaic.

    In fact, we don't use hangers here - we have hanging fairies that do our work for us. What I want to know, though, is why a spanish plaque was made in Canada?

  24. Cass, it will be obvious to any Canadian and anyone who has spent any time up here that the hanger had to be removed because it was not capable of hanging in the two official languages.

  25. Ooh, I love that cabbage pedestal plate! Very cute!!!! Some great finds at GW!

  26. I adopted the same kind of dog , a cavelier, she was a very good dog and was 12 when i adopted her, but we did not have her for long!
    i love your new finds, especially the cabbadge pedestal plate.

  27. Cass -

    First off, I am thrilled to find another Jersey Girl blogging! Second, I think my house found it's long lost twin! I stopped and stared long and hard at your header, they could be the same house with the exception of the atrium. Third, the couple that owned the home previously, raised Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (she was very involved in animal rescue)! What a small world, after all. Such a pleasure to 'meet you'. Consider me your newest regular reader!


  28. I Enjoyed looking at your great finds! And, that sweet puppy. :(

  29. Beautiful lilly mosaic...awesome cake plate..
    that's what took my eye...
    thanks for sharing...

  30. Great finds! I love the white cabbage plate. Lily was so precious. I have a tri-color, named Violet. She's been my constant companion for 11 years.

  31. Oh my goodness, Cass! The whole GW half price??? And you fouond some great stuff, too! Love the cake plate! Your Lily looks so pretty! Those dogs are almost like little toddlers, aren't they? Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  32. Thanks for the visit to my new blog. I will enjoy all your thrifty finds, and I am certainly
    coveting your lovely old house!!


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