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Friday, June 18, 2010

Anne Cooks -- Greek Style Pasta

Some of the rewards of having children. . .

They are adorable when they are babies:

They are funny and cute when they are growing up:

And someday they will cook for you on hot summer nights:


Last night, dear daughter Anne cooked a Greek-inspired pasta dish.
Which made her Mom and Dad very happy.

Anne's Greek Pasta.
Serves 6

Olive oil
1 red onion
2 peeled cloves of garlic
Cooked chicken -- about a pound
(You can use cut up raw boneless skinless chicken, and cook it in with the onion & garlic)
Artichokes -- 1 can, chopped up (or one jar marinated, preferred)
6 oz feta cheese
2 small ripe tomatoes or one large, chopped
Dried oregano to taste
Juice of one nice lemon
Pasta -- Anne used bowties.


Ruthlessly slice up the onions and garlic, till they beg for mercy:

Put olive oil into a hot skillet or wok, add the onions and garlic, and fire up that burner:

When the onions begin to lose their backbone, take the cut up chicken:

and add it to the mix.

Looking good already!

Proceed to massacre the artichokes:

And into the pot they go.

Add in the oregano. No measurement. . .use your excellent judgment!

Now, about that feta cheese:

Slice and dice it. Sneak a taste . . . .

And chop up those nice red ripe tomatoes that have been lounging on the kitchen windowsill:

You guessed it -- into the pot with them!

Now's the time to squeeze the juice of one nice large lemon into the pot.
Lemon really sparks up the flavor.

While you've been slicing, dicing, chopping and stirring,
a pot of pasta has been keeping you company on a nearby burner:

I had voted for thin spaghetti -- Anne chose bow ties.
Cook 'em, drain 'em, and mix 'em into the chicken-and-feta:

It was all delicious.

With enough leftovers for the next day's lunch. Which would be . . . today!

Have a lovely Foodie Friday, and a fabulous weekend. -- Cass

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  1. Oh YUM, Cass! This looks delicious - - - I can ALMOST smell it all the way over here in Indiana.

    Don't forget to give the ghosts their fair share - - -

  2. Can you send her on down here- I have a 16 year old that could use a few lessons. YUM!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Yum - That looks and sounds good. I just ate left overs from last night, but that looks better than what I had.

  4. That's sounds really good, especially with the lemon! Wish I had some....right now.....hmmmm, that reminds me, I didn't have lunch today. Bye, gotta go eat!!

  5. Oh, this looks so good and I am in total agreement about how wonderful it is to have our kiddos cook for US!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Wow! That looks really wonderful Cass!
    How do I get my kids to do that?
    Happy Weekend,

  7. You are a lucky Mom! Looks very good to me.

  8. Looks soo good--I bet it is good cold too!
    Great job!


  9. Cass,

    Looks wonderful! I love it when the kids cook and even more when they clean up. Now if they would just vacuum! Have a great week.


  10. Is that a sun room I spy on the side of your house?
    From what I have seen, I'd be happy to live in "that old house."


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