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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Week Is Too Short

The push is on to get a few house projects done by Friday; Saturday is my father's 90th birthday party, and That Old House wants to be looking her best . . . or what passes for best when you are twice the age of the Birthday Boy.

Luckily, we have a little free labor this week -- daughter Alida and her boyfriend Josh.
They are going to put beadboard wallpaper along the sink wall today.

Howard and I will be finishing up the counter-cabinet-shelving project that will
transform our old "isthmus" into a Welsh Dresser. If you squint your eyes, anyway.

Yesterday, I painted. This morning, Howard painted.
This is one coat of paint on the hutch top, below.

The pine hutch is taking the paint much better than the oak base cabinets.

The oak takes more prep, more paint, but it's an easier paint job than the open shelves.

The hutch sits on the floor while we paint it.

Waiting for its second coat:

I'm going back now to putting away all the drawer and cupboard contents we pulled out of the kitchen and the butler's pantry to do this project. Everything is a mess. It's not always such chaos in my kitchen.

No, really . . . it isn't! -- Cass

P.S. A question: What do you do first: Take pictures and then write a post to suit the pictures that you have? Or take pictures that will illustrate what you are writing about? Which is your chicken, which is your egg?


  1. Cass,
    it is going to look absolutely wonderful for your father's birthday party! I will keep checking on your progress.


  2. Cass..
    you WILL make it just fine..
    the party will be fabulous..
    and everything will look wonderful!
    photos.. pictures, then words,
    unless..a thought pops into mind..
    and my archived pics will fit the prose..
    okay/ your question answered?
    warmest hugs..
    Loui♥ in SNOWY Denver

  3. You have your work cut out for you. I am the same way, some people may have never seen my house and some may not have seen some of the newer things so I try to tackle it all! The hutch and cabinet are looking great. I just know that you are going to have a wonderful party.

    I take pictures of what I am going to write about. Sometimes if I am going to ramble on about something, I might just use pictures from my archives.


  4. Oh it is looking so pretty. I can't wait to see the finished project. Hugs, Marty

  5. It is going to be SO awesome Cass!! As for pictures, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants- sometimes I take pictures first, sometimes DURING the writing of a post
    xoxo Pattie

  6. At first glance the first photo makes the paint look blue, a very pretty blue with a black interior. If you're ever looking for a change down the road (a few hundred years from now!!), that slate blue with black would be really stunning!

    Photography, light, don't always get what you think you're going to get! ;)

  7. I love the black hutch! In fact, I just love black. I sometimes hate to admit that because people think you're strange if you like black. But it just is such a great color and so many colors look great against it... in fact ALL colors do. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.
    Good luck.
    Ladybug Creek

  8. I love watching the transformation you guys are going through :) I take pictures then post :)
    *hugs from conroe, tx!

  9. I guess I was a little behind with all your news!
    So I had to catch up. My you are busy!
    I think the transformation will look great-can't wait to see it all finished.
    Congrats to the girls on their accomplishments and Dion is looking as cute as ever.
    Happy Birthday to you Dad!


  10. Hi, I just found your old house and I love it, I live in a condo but always dreamed of living in a house just like yours. So I will visit you often and dream a lot.
    Sharon k

  11. It's fun seeing the work in progress and I think it will look smashing when it is finished (and I can't wait to see it finished with the "stuff" in it!)

    As to the blog, both -- sometimes I do the chicken; sometimes I do the egg!

    A Very Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  12. I take a picture of the chicken and then the egg. What? Isn't that what you asked?
    When I saw the top of the first picture it looked like it was painted white and I wondered what happened. Just the glare I guess.
    I often start writing something I have thought of and seek out the photo after.

  13. Everything is going to look so pretty, Cass. Happy birthday to your dad!....Christine

  14. It's been forever since I posted a comment,I feel so horrible!

    I have a thing for hutches and dressers and yours is stunning Cass. It will look great when its all done.

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

  15. Love, love, love the hutch!!! As for pictures? I usually take pictures while thinking of what I am going to post about them. I'm working on a project now (similar to yours actually) and have been documenting my progress for one big post.

    Have a GREAT party and happy birthday to your dad! 90 years old - how amazing is that??? I love to read all about your adventures up there in Jersey :)

  16. The picture usually comes first - I'm rarely without my camera.
    Your Welsh cupboard is going to be a winner!

  17. Cass, I hope you are not too tired to enjoy all of this, but I know I would have done the same thing. :) Give Pop a smooch for me on his birthday, have fun.


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