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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Party That Wasn't --- Yet

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley. . . .

That ol' Scots poet Robert Burns sure knew his onions.

No matter how carefully we make our plans -- like our plans to celebrate my father's 90th birthday here
today -- there is no guarantee that our plans will come off as, well, planned.

My Dad was not quite himself over the last couple of days, and by late Friday afternoon
it was clear that he was not going to be a happy, healthy Birthday Boy.

So, the party is postponed until June 5th. Thank goodness for an understanding caterer!

Five years ago we all gathered at the beach house for Pop's 85th:

He loves an excuse to wear his tuxedo. He's quite the rock star at the assisted living facility.

Overheard a few weeks ago, a comment in a group of resident ladies:
"There's Herb. He's a catch."

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if on June 5th he insists on donning the tux, while we'll be wearing denim and sandals.
But Birthday Boys get to wear whatever they want.

Except Birthday Suits.


So, since I'm not hosting 45 people here today, I'm going to participate in Favorite Things Saturday.

My new Fave at That Old House is our new pseudo-Welsh-Dresser in the kitchen.
The story is here and here . . . .

Howard took matters into his own paws this morning,
and provided his very favorite thing, and put it on my favorite:

The perfect accessory. Our kids thought so, anyway!

Happy Saturday -- you can visit Bargain Hunting and Chatting With Laurie for more Saturday Favorites!

Thankfully my Dad's indisposition is minor,
and on he is already on his way to full recovery.
That's the plan, anyway! -- Cass


  1. The Birthday Boy will be in top form by June 5th and you'll have a fabulous day! In the meantime, enjoy your treats on your Welsh Dresser!

  2. I love your new Welsh Dresser. It is just gorgeous and makes that space such a focal point. I love it.
    Hope your dad is feeling better really soon and enjoys his birthday. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh Cass! I'm so sorry! I know how hard you've all been working to pull this off. I'm praying for a complete and quick recovery
    xoxo Pattie

  4. And don't ever lose that caterer!!

  5. Hi Cass- Your dad is a character. I don't know him and I love him already. Hope he is better soon. Oh boy, I sure love that new piece in the kitchen. You have pushed me to find something wonderful to display my dishes. I have so many wonderful ones and nowhere to show them off. Have a great weekend and enjoy those doughnuts. Hugs, Deb =^..^= x6

  6. Cass-I cannot believe how young your dad looks--no wonder the ladies are after him :) I do love a man in a tuxedo :) I hope he perks back up soon. I know this was a letdown for you, but think how prepared you'll be. The new hutch is perfect and I love the overhang. I bet you were like a little girl playing house when you were arranging the dishes. Use your reprieve to get some rest--you deserve it.

  7. Hope he is doing much better. Like that little extra touch of decor on the hutch. :D

  8. Hi Cass!

    I hope your dad is feeling better soon! But, a big Happy birthday to him all the same. He is quite the dapper looking man! I can see why he would be a favorite with the ladies!

  9. The best laid plans....I hope you have a great time on the 5th. If one is going to pay for a tux they should wear it once a month at least.

  10. Oh,Cass, what a handsome little daddy you have! He looks so cute in his tuxedo. Here's saying a prayer he'll be as fit as a fiddle come June! With all the work you've done on your kitchen you can sit back and take a brak. Now, do you have any donuts left over? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Oh Cass, I'm so sorry. All of your work and plans for the party. I can see why he's considered a catch. He's so good looking. I said a prayer for him, and hope he'll be doing great by the 6th. I LOVE the way this Welsh dresser turned out. You are just brilliant to do that! Thank you so much for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  12. Hope your dad is feeling better soon. I can see why they say he's quite a catch. Very handsome fellow.

    I love your dresser. I saw one at one of my favorite shops over a year ago. Didn't get it and have resisted going back. It's probably gone now anyway, but it was sure a nifty dresser and I would have been very happy to find a place for it.

  13. He is very dapper! Hope the plan goes off for the 5th!
    Beautiful dresser!

  14. Your Dad looked amazing at 85 Wow! Hope he feels better quickly. I was waiting to see the hutch filled. It looks wonderful and I bet the donuts are gone by now.

  15. The end result is that you got your "Welsh" dresser -- and wasn't that one reason for hosting the party? Nothing like having "people over" to get some of those chores done!

    Your Welsh dresser is amazing and so much better than what was there before!

    A Happy Birthday to your father and June 5 will be a great celebration!

  16. Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better and maybe you just need some time to rest after going gangbusters to get ready for the party.

    Have a great Sunday!


  17. A Welsh dresser and donuts too, now that's what I call living!! I hope your Dad is feeling better soon and ready to celebrate on the 5th. By the way, the women are right, he is quite a catch!! Looks very elegant and charming in his tux!!

    Susan and Bentley


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