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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Spelunking!

It's a glorious Spring Saturday, and my daughter Anne and I,
and our faithful dog Dion, are heading out into the wilds of Pennsylvania for the day.

Yesterday, we did what Anne calls spelunking for houses.
She took pictures; it's part of a grad school assignment.

We saw some great old homes.

Even had to trespass a bit, but shhhh . . . don't tell, OK?

Today we are spelunking for dishes, and dining room chairs, and who knows what else. We'll report back!

Don't blame me for the fuzzy image; not my picture!

Have a fabulous Saturday, my friends! -- Cass


  1. OH, MY!!! Those houses make my heart sing! I would kill for one of those. Have a wonderful time and find some gorgeous dishes!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Beautiful homes! Sounds like a very fun day :)

  3. What gorgeous houses. Such a fun day. Have a great Saturday too. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Hi Cass!!

    The homes are gorgeous. I'll take the first one! How nice that you are finally having some good weather. We are having slushy snow after such nice spring~like weather all week.

    You are going to have such a fun day. Wish I were going to. Hello to Dion!

    Happy spring! :-)


  5. Pretty houses! Enjoy your day. We started out with sunshine, but it is starting to cloud up - rain moving in this evening and temps going to drop.:(

  6. We don't have many areas like that here. I am always so jealous because those that we do have are selling for well over a million bucks. Sigh.

  7. ohhh take me with you!
    We lived in PA for three years and sometimes, on a Saturday, I'll still wish to go poking around the small towns, attend an auction, drive up and down the streets to look at the beautiful houses.

  8. You are having my kind of day! Perfect!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. You are having the weather we had is snowing here in the plains and it will head your way! Beautiful houses...can't wait to see what kind of dishes you will be bringing home.

  11. We're having a blizzard!!!! It's Spring -- not winter!

    My pansies are huddled under a couple of inches of snow!

    Yikes, I wish I was with you -- beautiful day and off to find dishes and chairs -- what could be better than that?

  12. I LOVE the house with the ....hmmm.. what to call it.. glass conservatory? Beautiful! Thanks for the tour...

  13. Can't wait to see what other kind of mischief the three of you got into!


  14. I love to go look at homes. The pictures are wonderful. Have fun.

  15. Hi Cass :)

    It sounds like a great day and it sounds like you need it too. I hope your dad and father-in-law and everyone else is okay.

    I'm glad to see Spring has arrived there and I hope the rain stays away for now.


  16. Hi Cass,
    I love looking at the grand houses, it makes for a fun outing! Dish hunting even beats that though.


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