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Monday, March 15, 2010

It Never Rains, But It Pours!

And it did indeed pour this past weekend in New Jersey.

Buckets and buckets full -- washing away the last bits of snow, guaranteeing a generous supply of mud for the next millennium, seeping through some of the old foundation stones, and causing flooding in this river-riddled sponge we call Northern New Jersey.

And wind! Wowzer! Things like this happened all over the state:

Do you see that tangle of branches in the near distance? It used to be a very tall gangly fir tree that cracked off about 1/4 of the way up its trunk and crashed to earth, just feet from the new house next to ours. (Photo taken Sunday morning, thru sunroom windows because it was still raining!)

Part of the big fir is suspended in a huge oak;
I have no idea how they'll get that puppy down. Take a look:

That may look small in the picture, but that is a very large hunk of pine tree stuck in that oak!

We are lucky; our worst damage was the wind knocking over the gas grill, and ripping the tarpaulin off the snowblower. We have power, unlike much of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Last week was a doozy. One of my dearest friends learned she is facing a health challenge. Then, on Saturday, my father-in-law was admitted to the hospital in Florida, so Howard will be heading down there later; his sister is there now. Howard's Dad may come home today, which would be a blessing. In his 83 years, he's pretty much never been sick!

My Dad continues to improve at rehab, thank goodness.

Dion still is a dingy mess of a doggy from all the mud outdoors.
It's times like these I wish he were litter-trained. Then, I regain my senses.

But now it's time for something pretty.
Remember my crazy mixed up cactus, that bloomed at Thanksgiving and now is in bud again?
Guess what? The first bloom is open!

So . . . I'm thinking it sports enough green to be a St. Patrick's Day cactus, don't you?

And speaking of green, all this rain and mild temperatures have caused mass sprouting of little green shoots everywhere -- crocus, daylilies, and things I am not sure of but I know they are green and that makes me happy.

Because after this winter, and now this beginning to spring,
I am more than ready for That Old House to look like this again:

I need me some summer, don't you?

I apologize for sketchy blogging and even sketchier commenting; I should be home long enough tomorrow to come up with something interesting. . . I hope.

And speaking of interesting, I discovered today that the phrase "it never rains, but it pours" has been in use since the early 18th century. Wow ... something that's older than me! -- Cass


  1. Oh Cass your poor family has really had its health issue's this year I'm so sorry to hear about Howard's Father now...prayers coming your way my Dear friend...I just love seeing your beautiful painted olden lady...glad that tree didn't crash into your or your neighbor home girl...I pray all else is well in your world with your daughters and Dion...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria did the people pick up that table yet???

  2. Hope your FIL gets well and that your father gets stronger and stronger. Glad that you kept your power -- and glad that nothing fell into or on TOH.

    AT spring mud time, I'm glad that Oliver has a short coat! He's still looking for mail from Dion!

  3. I was so worried about you when I read the news this morning~crazy weather. All of the deaths were related to falling trees!! That is unbelievable. But I am glad you and your neighbor are could have been so much worse.

    My prayers go out to all of you that you stay safe, that Howard's father gets better as well as yours and that Dion gets a bath soon!


  4. Take a break--get some rest. Enjoy the green, there will be more!!!


  5. We have heard about your bad weather all weekend. Glad you faired pretty well and didn't lose power. I hate when the power goes out. Talking about litter training the dog, I do have Bailey going on pee pads in the garage when the weather is bad and in the early morning and late night. The rest of the time she has to go out on a leash. No fence for her to go on her own. I am so glad she will do it both ways so I don't have to stand in the wet or cold.

  6. Don't apologize! We all have other things going on in our life, which must come first. Sounds like you have had a lot going on. Glad to hear your Father is much better and hope Howard's Father makes a full and fast recovery. So glad the tree did not do more damage than it did. I saw what was going on in your area on the news this morning. :( Looks like Dion is ready to go out with the leash in his mouth. :-)

  7. I had heard about the harsh weather you have been having. That tree branch looks just plain scary hanging up in that tree like that! Hope everything health-wise starts looking up for your family. Love your signs of spring!

  8. Cass, as you know, you've been in our thoughts. Glad to hear that the Dads seem to be on the mend. You lucked out- we have friends who had quite a bit of damage. Glad all is well,
    xoxo Pattie

  9. What an awful week for you! Prayers to your dad and father in law, and glad you weathered the storm. Can you call a tree dr to get that limb down quickly?

  10. Thinking of your father and father-in-law and hoping all is well soon! These rains have been over-the-top, haven't they? I know NJ has really been hit badly. As I drive my husband to the airport in Westchester County yesterday - I saw limbs down everywhere. Take care and yes, I am ready for summer.


  11. We also had a HUGE chunk of pine come down, but ours was during one of the blizzards (I'm in MD). That rain these past few days was horrible! So glad it's over because like you, I'm VERY READY FOR SOME SUMMER!

  12. Hi Cass, we got rain too but not as much as you guys. I am so, so glad Spring is springing. I think with all the snow (although) we didn't have so much, along with the illness's, and Mom's passing it seems like it would never end. I know that you feel the same.
    As far as the tassel's I have considered going into pole dancing, and know right where I will put them. Right where my breasts used to be. Take care.

  13. I have 2 Christmas Cactus and one is still blooming. The smaller one had only a few buds on it for Christmas. Same water, same light..wonder why she isn't growing like her sister?

  14. We have been hearing about all the rain in areas of the States. We are finally getting warmer temperatures now with +16 today (65 farenheit). My garden has some life peaking through, too. I am so ready for Spring. I love to walk and some winter days just blow. Kane is always messy too these days. He had ANOTHER bath yesterday. Beautiful, sunny day here today. I guess I should head out...Deb

  15. Think dry as a bone and the flooding will stop. Saw that on the news here (Ont Can). Praying for you all there in NJ. Each spring seems to bring bigger floods. Maybe the city engineers need to think of this, and make better dams? Whay I dont want to live near a river. or lake or ocean. and "I can see the ocean!" Love NJ! Almost moved there in the 60's. Isn't Princeton there? With those cute NJ dogs, Einstein's Boston terriers. Are they pugs? Love to check out NJ one day!


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