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Friday, February 26, 2010

SNOW Doubt About It, We Are Ready For Spring!

Lucky us.

It began snowing here about 4 o'clock on Thursday morning, continued all day, is pouring down the white stuff overnight tonight, and will continue throughout the day Friday . . . and on into Saturday.

See this?

That was just before dusk. By now there is twice that much snow.
It is dramatic, I'll say that for it.

Towards the back. . .

Believe it or not, Howard had cleared those steps twice!

Looking out toward the street from the sunroom:

The best thing to do? Light a candle, or two,

and think of this:

I've been wrestling with listing the table and chairs featured in Tuesday's post, on Ebay. This is my first time doing this, and there's a steep learning curve! My poor blog took a back seat.

I plan to be back tomorrow with a Friday post, but my father is feeling poorly since a fall he had Wednesday morning; I hope we won't be trekking through the snow to the emergency room. My poor Pop has had a rough year.

If you are under the same snow gun as That Old House, stay inside if you can, don't worry about the shoveling because it all just fills up again in an hour, and read some good blogs. And don't forget that old standby remedy: chocolate! -- Cass


  1. Chocolate is the best remedy for everything! My complaint is NO SNOW! Not one flake all winter! And now spring has sprung! I guess a couple of candy bars are in order!

  2. Cass,

    Love your blog and your way with words. Poor Dion....

    I remember those winters! There is no sympathy for those of us in Florida but I have the heat on and I am on the sofa covered with a quilt!


  3. We're getting it here too..Boo. Love that little face with the snowflakes entwined in his hair.

  4. Oh, I am so glad that I live in the south. I could not live with all that snow. One or two days is all I want. I hope your pop feels better. Stay warm and dream of spring...Kim

  5. Oh my gosh, Cass! It is dramatic, though. Hope all is well with your Dad-we ended up spending New Year's Eve in the ER with mine and it was no fun.
    Have you thought about Craigslist for the dining set??Might be easier. I am stunned that nobody has taken it from you- if we were up north, those chairs would be in my house in a heartbeat!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Looks like you are snowed in! So glad its you and not us here in Tn.

  7. Love the picture through the window with the inside lights reflecting. Does Dion like the snow or does he just tolerate like the rest of us?
    Cass, hope your father is doing ok after his fall. My 88 year old mother fell Wednesday night and fractured her clavicle, took over an hour for the ambulance to get her to the hospital because of that storm (she is in southern Vermont). They got snow and then rain...winter sure is growing weary this year.

  8. Hi, i know what you mean about the snow!! I live in hackettstown nj. I've been snowed in!!! I just love your house!!It is the kind of house i would love to live in...Kathy

  9. How lucky you are to have that much snow. There is nothing prettier in nature than fresh fallen snow.

  10. Thought about you when I saw the news last night. I sure hope we don't get any more this Winter. Sorry your Father is not feeling well.
    Stay warm - you too Dion. :)

  11. Dion's face says it all!
    Big sympathy for you with all that white stuff. Out here the only white stuff is the layer of petals blown off the blossoming trees in the wind storms..........sorry!
    I hope your dad feels better soon.

  12. Hi Cass, I do hope your Dad is okay, it is snowing here but not getting what we were told we would which is fine with me as I am so over winter! Please let me know about ebay and listing things on it, as I have a wing backed chair, silk dupioni drapes and a gazillion other things to sell. Why aren't you using craigslist for it? Any reason?

  13. Lots of snow here, too. I am more than ready for spring! Maybe this is the last hurrah. Hope your Dad is feeling okay.


  14. Sorry you are having all that snow - we were suppose to get it here in VA- but it missed us..thank goodness..I'm originally from Montana, love the snow, but somehow having so much in the 'South' is a bit confusing...

  15. We have had more than our share of snow too this year but this storm missed us! Looks lovely from the inside looking out!

  16. Our snow has disappeared finally, but has been replaced by very gusty winds. COLD winds. The entire house rattles and it's kind of creepy... *giggles* Makes you feel like checking for monsters under the bed sometimes.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  17. Hope Dad is doing better--sorry to he had a fall.
    Enjoy the snow!!!!!



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