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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our February Babies

Yesterday, February 5th, was my husband Howard's birthday.
We had a quiet evening at home, anticipating a snowstorm
that never arrived!

See? I told you that getting a snowblower would guarantee no snow for Northern New Jersey in perpetuity.

Today, February 6th, is my daughter Alida's birthday. She is 24, or 168 in dog years.

In this picture she is only a few weeks old:

Dig the funky hair.

In this one, she is 23, and all washed up:

Well, you know I don't mean that. But she's 'way out in California, so I can say whatever I want; I'm too far away to hear her say, "MA!" You know how kids can turn that into a two syllable word? The really talented ones can get it to stretch to three syllables.

So, Happy Birthday to my two dear February babies!

24 years ago we did have a big snowstorm, and Mercy hospital on
Long Island was jammed with mothers suddenly popping out babies.
You know why? Howard didn't have a snowblower then.

Whatever your weather today, enjoy the fact that you have it! -- Cass (who has no snow!)


  1. Mercy Hospital??!! My last 3 were born at Winthrop in Mineola. LOL Your February baby turned into a beautiful young lady. My daughter was born February 15th 1994-the year of 24 snowstorms!!!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Ditto on the Birthday Wishes !!!!

  3. What a beautiful girl you have. Happy birthday to her. Glad your snow did not make it. We have had our share here. Enough for everyone. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Oh Cass!

    I feel so badly that you got gypped out of the snow. We have plenty to share. Come on over...

    Happy Birthday to Howard and Alida!

    Becky K.

  5. If buying a snowblower guarantees no snow...then I'm putting my order in...this TN chick doesn't like snow...unless it melts in a couple of hours. Happy Birthday to your husband and beautiful daughter!!!

  6. You daughter looks like such a sweet young lady. Happy Birthday to her and your husband. Thank God we don't ever get snow here in Central Texas. I had a lifetime of it up North, and I'm glad to be done with that.

  7. Happy Birthday to Howard & Alida!!

    What a very funny post. I nearly peed myself reading the last line!!


  8. Happy Birthday to Alida, and Howard. One of my Daughter's birthday is today also! My other Daughter's birthday is later this month. I need to start pricing snow blowers - I don't want anymore of that frozen stuff.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  9. she is a cutie pie, tell her I said that and she may forgive the comment you made.... we had a little mulch but nothing to even be concerned about and I will be damned if I am buying a snow blower, (only because I have a neighbor that thinks I am 123 years old) tee hee, knew getting older must have some benefits.

  10. She is beautiful! I know you must be proud! Don't you love winter storms? We are getting another snow storm on Monday...I am longing for Spring!

    Miss Bloomers

  11. What a lovely young lady you have for a daughter. Happy birthday to your husband and daughter. May God grant them many, many years of life and health.

    Thought this post was quite funny : D I especially enjoyed the two-syllable "Ma". Thanks for making me laugh.

    Have a great weekend with no snow!

  12. Happy birthday to the birthday crew!
    So sorry you don't have snow!!!!
    We are supposed to get more tomorrow eving, night and into Monday!
    Can you say SNOW DAY? Hopefully.


  13. Happy Birthday Howard and Alida!

  14. Happy birthday to Howard and Alida! We had plenty of snow last year in Minot, ND, but alas no snow this year in Tampa, FL. However, we will be leaving in about 2 weeks for Fairbanks, AK and are pretty sure we'll see a bit up there!

  15. Happy Birthday to those you love this month. It's my birthday today and I'm all washed up too! *giggles*

    We have snow on the ground but none falling from the sky today, thank goodness!

    It's gonna be a Good Day!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  16. thanks for the birthday wishes, Mom! :) or should I say "MA-aa?"

    it didn't snow in New Jersey, but it rained all day in Southern California!


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