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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keep Your Distance!

Be careful.

Don't lean in too close to your computer monitor. I have a terrible cold, and I don't want you to catch it!

I am nestled inside That Old House, with a box of tissues, a cup of coffee, and my computer. I had good intentions of doing a real post today, but this darned head cold is getting the better of me.

Instead, a teaser, for next week's Outdoor Wednesday post:

That's our daughter Alida at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Last Tuesday, she and her boyfriend hiked to the bottom of the Canyon,
camped overnight, and hiked back up on Wednesday.

She has some spectacular pictures, but has not had time to load them onto her computer yet.
These I snatched off her Facebook page.

When Alida returned to the rim of the canyon Wednesday afternoon, and was able to use her cell phone again,
she called, and we had to give her the news that her grandmother had passed away.

She flew home the next day; my father was surrounded by not only his four children and our spouses, but his 11 grandchildren, 2 step-grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, plus their assorted spouses, and significant others.

We got a marvelous picture of Pop with all the grands-and-great-grands, and I know exactly what my mother would have said had she been there. She would have turned to Pop with a big grin, and said, "See what we did?"

My thanks to Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesday
at her A Southern Daydreamer blog. Visit!

Next Wednesday, I hope to have Alida as my guest blogger, as she shares more Grand Canyon pictures with us.
Now, stay warm! -- Cass

I pray for the people of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, a people who have known more poverty and sorrow than most of us can imagine. Our international church relief groups, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross will need support, as they respond to the overwhelming needs of the Haitian people.


  1. Stay wrapped up. Drink lots of water, hot tea and have a cup of chicken noodle soup. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sad to hear about the grandmother passing away; but she lives on in everyone's heart.
    Joyce M

  2. Take care of yourself and get over that cold. I imagine the stress and grief of the last few weeks has lowered your immunity a little, the same thing happened to me in Oct.

    I look forward to seeing the guest post on the GC next Wednesday. It is a gorgeous place and winter visits are an especially good time to visit.

  3. That must have meant the world to your father having all of you there, and I'll bet your mom did whisper those words in his ear.

    Thank you for the pretty pictures...I just can't get over that blue sky!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Awwww do you hab a code in your node? Sniffle. Get better Cass. I swear by Listerine gargles. It has stopped a sore throat and sniffles 3 times this season already.
    I am glad to see you are recommending established relief groups. I worry about the scam artists who will jump on this tragedy and steal monies meant for these desperate people.

  5. Sorry about the cold - take care of yourself. Did I read that right - they camped - this time of the year?!?
    One year at a family reunion, my Mother made a comment similar to that - don't remember her exact words.

  6. Sorry about your mother. Sending you hugs. It looks like your daughter was having a marvelous time in the Grand Canyon and I can't wait to see more pictures.
    Yes, the situation in Haiti is unthinkably awful. Hope we all can reach out to share as much as we are able.

  7. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well and about your grandmother's passing.

    Be still and know that I am God.

  8. Cass..
    been there.. done that!
    follow all the rules:
    sleep!tears as necessary..
    warm hugs..gentle prayers..
    much love..

  9. thanks, Mom :)

    also, spread the news that you can text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to the red cross, right from your phone!

  10. Great photos of the Canyon and the gorgeous Arizona blue skies that I miss so much.

    My condolences on the loss of a family member... sending a hug your way.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  11. Sorry about your loss. It's never easy. So great you were all there for eachother. Your daughter's images are spectacular and please get yourself better real soon!!!

  12. Take care of yourself...take the time to's very important...

  13. She's a brave girl - - - that's looks like one mighty cold camping trip to me!

    Hope you get feeling better.

  14. Awesome trip your daughter has taken, thanks for sharing the photos.. I'm hoping some day to do the same!..

    AlkaSeltzer cold tablets do wonders for those miserable colds.. I recommend it highly. Feel better.

    Love the statement by your mother.. "See what we did?" Sounds like she was just a wonderful person.

  15. Camping in the Grand Canyon in January is not a good thing! Brrrr. I seem to already have your head cold. I join you in prayers for the people of Haiti...I am much to weak to live in a disaster prone area. **blows antiseptic filled kisses** Deb

  16. Sorry about your cold (I have one, too). You don't need that on top of everything else you are going through.

    Lovely pictures. Awesome actually! Alida is one brave girl, I am afraid of heights!! Can't wait to see more pictures next week. In the mean time, get some rest.


  17. Wow, Cass... never knew that about the pennies!.. just threw a couple in, as my tulips were droopy upon arrival. I think the car ride home was too chilly and too long.

  18. Gorgeous photo of that happy hiking daughter.
    I loved the thought of your mother looking down with pride at what she and your father had accomplished - hang onto that lovely thought!
    I hope you feel better soon.

  19. So sorry to hear about the cold--must be that time of the year. I got ready for work this morning and
    as I was ready to gather my things I got sick--so home I was today.
    I'm not the best patient either.

    Get well soon.

    Love the Grand Canyon pics.


  20. Hi Cass,
    Sorry to hear about your cold, hope you feel better soon.

    Your Dad must have been so chuffed to have the whole family with him at this very sad time, your in my thoughts and prayers.

    Because I love your blog and I think your awesome I have nominated you for a lemonade stand award.

    Get well soon :)
    (((BIG HUGS)))

  21. Cass,
    Campbell's old fashioned chicken noodle soup will work (if you can't get the real stuff) and then get some dreary magazine and get in bed and start to read the magazine and maybe you can sleep the cold away!

    Glad your family could be together and looking forward to your guest blogger.

    Feel better soon.


  22. The pictures of your daughter in the Grand Canyon are fabulous! So sorry to hear about your mother, your family will be in my prayers.

  23. My dear Cass, hope you are feeling better for your trip, I think of you often as we are "sisters", have as much fun as you can stand.


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