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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Native

So here I am at a hotel in Boca Raton in Florida, stealing a few moments on Howard's laptop.

Only a few moments -- the last time I used his laptop, last summer, he had to go thru all sorts of new security clearances afterward. I'm not sure how that could have been my fault, but. . . .

We left New Jersey on Monday morning amidst a terrible wind and rain storm, on just about the last on-time flight out before the 5-hour delays and cancellations began at Newark Airport.

Yesterday, we visited my friend Mardi -- who sometimes visits my blog (Hello Mardi!) -- at the house she shares with her husband Joe in Parkland. And now I understand why Mardi and Joe happily ditch New Jersey for Florida for half the year. The half with the snow and the ice and the 17 degree high temperatures. Their house, and its setting, are just beautiful.

We had lunch by their pool. Gorgeous view; they overlook a little lake and Joe has done fabulous landscaping. I will have to put a big paper bag over the yard at That Old House when they visit in the summer, after seeing their beautiful plantings.

Howard took a phone picture from where we sat for lunch:

And another pic of one of the many cactii Joe has nurtured in the screened pool area.
Although he says his nurturing consisted of planting them, and then standing back.

This one is so big, you can stand in its shade.
I have some cactii at home. They can fit in a tea cup.

We'll be back on a plane for New Jersey at 3 tomorrow afternoon. Today, Howard is replacing his Dad's computer printer, and then we're taking the folks out to lunch along the beach.

And I am going native: It's January, and I am not wearing socks!

Have a lovely Wednesday. I know we will! -- Cass


  1. BEAUTIFUL. You should post the eyebrow story on the Friday Funnies--it is already up.


  2. Oh Cass..
    how I envy you!
    being ANYWHERE in Florida..
    my home sweet home!
    temps are pretty chilly here..
    and because..
    you have so much sunshine there..
    mine is pretty thin/wispy HERE!
    enjoy yourself..
    never have/never will!
    warm hugs, laughing smiles..

  3. I love your blog but not sure I have ever left you a comment. Today I had to respond to the "fault" on the computer...made me laugh remembering whenever I had a flat tire my husband would look at me like why did you drive over that nail....
    Glad you got to getaway to Florida..I used to go twice a year but have not been able to go for the past six years and do miss the beautiful beaches.

  4. Well deserved! Enjoy.I am just a little bit jealous.

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying your trip.

  6. So pretty. I want that pool. Have fun and get those bare feet in the sand.

  7. I am so jealous right now!!... and

    Newark has to be one of the most congested, dirty, aggravating airports ever. I avoid it whenever possible..which isn't easy when you live on Staten Island or CT..sometimes you have no choice.

  8. No socks? Are you crazy? Next thing you know you will be going commando in the underwear department. Crazy Floridian influences.

  9. Lucky you! Florida looks beautiful! Oh, and I like the chairs red! Can't you paint the mosiac table legs red to go along with the chairs?

  10. You go girl! Have a great time and
    a safe trip home.


  11. Oooh! I want to have lunch there, it looks wonderful!

  12. Cass-You wanton woman--no socks! I have been trying to book a week in Florida all afternoon with nothing that clicks so far...I need warm sunshine! Enjoy! ps-I hope Howard's computer is okay--you'll never hear the end of it!

  13. Hooray!! You get to enjoy some sunshine and warmth, how delicious! I spent a couple yrs in FL and loved it, hope you do too! Better put those socks on for the return flight tho!

  14. Ooh how I wish my country had a nice warm place to escape winter!....but wait, I live in the nice warm part of my country.....which is just a teensy bit depressing after reading about Florida!

  15. Looks like from those pics you are having a lovely Wed. Travel safely.

  16. Enjoy what is left of your warm weather. Florida is lovely
    this time of year!!


  17. I love Boca!! I was there around this time last year! It's so beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful time!

  18. well, thanks for the kind comments about our house. we loved having you and howard. you are both welcome here whenever you want! thanks for coming and sharing our lunch on the blog! when you are back in cold NJ, think of our time sitting by the pool and that i am still there, lol!

  19. always nice to visit and nicer to come back home, well, maybe not in the dead of winter. :) Sounds like you guys had a great time, (you needed a respite) so now you can come home, Howard can grab the shovel and get back to the "real world".. it is chilly translates into damn cold here in NY, but at least the sun is shining and I am dreaming of gardening.


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