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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year In Review, at That Old House

Why does every year seem to zip by faster than the year before?

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for her A Year In Review Blog Party.
Click here to see other bloggers' favorite photos from the year past.

With uncharacteristic restraint, I chose just one picture from each month.
There's no theme, and these pictures aren't necessarily the prettiest.
I just like them, so I put them in one mosaic to make it easy on me, and you!
(Click on the mosaic to enlarge it and make it easier to see.)

January -- Ice-coated conservatory windows.
February -- Wide plank floors in the Parlor.
March -- My mom and dad, on her 88th birthday.
April -- The word "Hunger" scratched into a cellar wall.
May -- That Old House in Memorial Day finery.
June -- A simple cheese and tomato pie.
July -- A Pink Gladiolus!
August -- Mr. Dion DiPoochy, doggie extraordinaire.
September -- Our grapes, fast ripening.
October -- A silly Jack O'Lantern by the Parlor fireplace.
November -- Vintage silver serving pieces.
December -- Our front door, decked in pine and ribbon for Christmas.


There's so much missing from this brief year in review: my husband, our daughters, our dear Connie dog who left us in May of '09, and the rooms and grounds of That Old House that have been a constant source of blogging material for me, to name just a few.

I am posting this at past 2:30 in the morning, too soon to even link to Cindy's party. I am up late -- very late -- waiting for my daughter Alida to wake at 3:00. She is catching a very early plane back to southern California and I don't want to be asleep when she leaves. She probably won't be home for a visit until the summer.

So one more picture -- a special memory from 2009 -- my daughters, Alida and Anne, on their sisters-only trip to London following Anne's college graduation. The girls are 17 months apart in age, and now living 3000 miles apart. Growing up is tough.

There are so many blessings in my life.
Thanks be to God, for this gift of 2009, and the new year to come.
-- Cass


  1. Your mosaic is sweet and each photo tells a story. Your home speaks of warmth and family, beautiful!

    Robin's Egg Blues

  2. Cass-You are too late and I am up too early :)---which is it? I know you will miss Alida and I know they miss each other. I have so enjoyed "sharing" this year with you. You know I love "that old house" :) Happy new decade!~~Susan

  3. This is a sweet post. Sisters are a very special relationship. I so wish that I had one!

    Happy New Year!

  4. What a lovely re-cap. I've been meaning to tell you that my mother has two black and white Cavaliers, Molly and Rose. They are sweeties! Happy new year!

  5. What a great post and such a great year it has been to meet you and to view all of your posts. I look forward to more in the coming year. Hope you have a very Blessed and Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  6. OK - - - that "simple cheese and tomato pie" caught my eye out of all the other things in the mosaic.

    Why are we NOT surprised that I would notice FOOD.

  7. You did good on the mosaic. I know you are going to miss your daughter.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  8. Love *that* old house and the memories you shared!

  9. I loved seeing your year in review via your beautiful mosaic.. It has been a pleasure to visit your blog this past year.. Happy New Year..hugs ~lynne~

  10. Beautiful old house and I enjoy all your pictures! Precious puppy!
    Enjoy the new year!

  11. I must admit that I for one will be happy to see 2009 go!
    It was not our best year due to things beyond our control. I
    We are thankful for the MANY
    blessings we DO have, but a fresh new years is looking good.

    Happiness and blessings to you and yours.


  12. Cass,,
    so glad to have met you in 2009..
    yes ..sisters are special..I love mine dearly..
    and like Country Dreaming said, 2009 was not the best of years..but I'm grateful for the blessings received..
    Am ready for a fresh New Year..
    warm hugs..laughing smiles..

  13. What a wonderful post! I was up late putting up my post too so I'm glad the timing worked out for you!

    It's so hard when the grown kids leave. I had to say goodbye to my son this week and it was hard and he's only a couple hours away!

    Happy New Year!

  14. I only starting my new blog in May, but I remember many of these photos, especially the grapes and the story that went along with them!

    Happy New Year Cass, I'm already looking forward to seeing more posts from everyone in 2010!

  15. What a lovely set of photos! Mr. Dion DiPoochy looks adorable! Just want ot give him a big squish!

  16. Gorgeous Mosaic Cass.
    Happy New Year.

  17. Oh Cass

    What a lovely year in review plus one. I love the photo of you sweet girls. So young and full of life.

    Happy New Year!

  18. I love your mosaic, the pictures of your home and family are awesome.

    Happy New Year!

  19. Your home is beautiful and I love your dog's pic! Have a Happy New Year!

  20. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year!!

  21. Just wanted to wish you a most joyous and blessed New Year. My favorite is all the silver. Something about the glow of old silver just captures my heart. Stella

  22. Lovely photos. Reflections of the year past are always bittersweet for me. The faster time moves the slower I move.
    the Redneck Junkers

  23. I came over from the year in review party, honey. I'm not sure if I've ever been here before although the logo house looks familiar. Well, I'm an old lady, ya know! Nice to meet you....

  24. I love your old house and nice memories you shared.
    Happy New Year!


  25. A beautiful post, and that Dion...he's so handsome...and I remember most of your posts but the most memorable one for me was the one about your Christmas ornaments!!!

  26. beautiful pictures. Happy New Year!!!!

  27. Hi Cass, Happy New Year! Your home and blog are filled with love and I look forward to sharing more and getting to know you better in 2010! :) Laura

  28. Great pictures! You are so blessed! Have a wonderful New Year!

  29. Hi Cass

    Great mosaic frm a great year! Best wishes in 2010!

  30. Cass,
    Thanks for sharing the memories. Sweet! :-) Will look forward to visiting your home, your joys and your posts about life! Give the cute puppers a hug for me. God bless. I love your yellow farm house still. Hoping to get our Cape Cod fixed and painted a cherry yellow this year. If we do I will surely share it with the world!! One of our goals, Lord willing. Take care. keep posting!

  31. Love your mosaic, Cass. Can you believe this year went by so fast?
    The picture of your girls is just so sweet! Have enjoyed getting to know all of you a little through blogging this year. Happy New Year!

  32. It has been quite a year hasn't it.
    I have enjoyed the ride with you.


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