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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Reds of Summer

Red. Red. Red!

Is there a more powerful or evocative color? It symbolizes courage and sacrifice in our flag. It piques our appetites in dining rooms, whispers of romance on Valentine's Day, corrects our mistakes on paper, signals financial disaster, colors our power suits and ties, stops our cars at intersections, tints our lips and nails, and at this time of the year it brightens our homes with holiday glam.

Red is glamorous, even in silly fun.

Daughter Alida, dressed up as Carmen Sandiego
in thrift shop clothes, on Halloween '09.


As I walked Dion outside this morning, amidst the wintry wreckage of the flower borders and summer pots, I got lonesome for the reds of Summer. So, here they are. . . . the Outdoor Summer Reds at That Old House!

Flowers, tomatoes, spray painting outside. . . .
Oh, don't you miss it?

I miss this kid, too, who wasn't home for Thanksgiving.

But she'll be home from California for Christmas.

Thanks to Susan at
A Southern Daydreamer
for hosting
Outdoor Wednesday.

She sent me back to summer today,
even just for a little while!

Thanks also to Sue, of
It's A Very Cherry World,
for her hosting of
Today Is Rednesday.

She inspired my RED today!

Have a lovely Wednesday. -- Cass


  1. Cass, you certainly have a lovely, lovely daughter! She makes that thrift store hat and coat look like it came out of Saks!

    Love all of your pretty reds. I want one of those spray paint guns, and I keep wondering if I could operate it. Machines and I are not always simpactico. ;-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday, and I'm glad your baby is coming home for Christmas!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Cass,
    What wonderful reds you have shared today! I love the tree in your top photo. And I adore hats; your daughter is a very beautiful girl. I'm so happy for you that she will be home for Christmas. My baby is coming home for the holidays too and it's less than two weeks now. I'm sooo excited! Thanks for sharing and thank you also for stopping by. Have a wonderful REDnesday.


  3. Hi Cass,

    Your daughter is a beauty...I think red is her color! She sure is a knockout in that pretty coat and hat...a thrift store? No way! Looks more like Neiman Marcus! So glad she'll be home for Christmas.

    Although I adore the Christmas season, I love the reds of summer, too, and miss all my roses being in bloom.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  4. Oh I love that red mosaic and your daughter is beautiful. I love hats

  5. Pretty reds! I miss the reds of Summer already. It is in the 40's and raining today. Sent you an email about the nut tree. Kinda long to post here. Any questions - let me know.

  6. Red definately looks good on your daughter :)

  7. Loved your summer red mosiac, lucky you to have such a beautiful daughter coming home for the holidays.

  8. Beautiful reds for today,especially your daughter in that red hat.

  9. I miss the summer reds, too. Your trees are gorgeous. I have one in the living room and a small one yet to be decorated in my studio. I need to make more snowflakes on my embroidery machine!


  10. Your home is so dreamy! Thanks for sharing your reds.

  11. Where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego? I loved to watch that show with my kids!

    Rockin' red rocking chairs! Thanks for the summer photos!

  12. What a great costume! It's still pretty warm out here in California. Maybe she can bring some summer reds home for Christmas.

  13. I just love the custume! I'm glad she can be home for Christmas!
    Your reds are lovely! They are good all year round!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. So far I have always had my boys here for all the holidays. At 22 and 26 we will see if this continues. I would be broken hearted too.
    It was nice to have a little summer reminiscing. Love the red chair.

  15. Your daughter is a gorgeous lady in red! And I'm happy to see some red flowers. I miss summer already!
    Happy Rednesday!

  16. Love your beautiful home, and your colorful blog! I live in THIS OLD HOUSE... well, we will when we're done resurecting it. Ours was originally built in 1835!..

    Nice to meet you!

  17. Yummy reds! Red is the best and yours are no exception. Love that sweet chair.

    Your daughter is beautiful Cass!

  18. Cass all of your reds are gorgeous! I just adore the color.

    Your daughter looks beautiful in that glamorous red suit. :)

  19. Oh my your daughter is lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by and welcoming my soldier boy and his buddies back to the USA. He reads my blog and the comments and they mean the world to him!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. More than the reds of summer, I miss my youngest daughter who lives in New York. Like your beautiful daughter, mine will be coming home (Washington State) for two weeks at Christmas! I can hardly wait!

  22. Sorry I had to remove a comment and that I also left you two comments on this post. I was having trouble with blogger letting me leave one. Hmmmm...I have no idea what was wrong for a minute there. :)

  23. Hahaha...Oh Melissa, sometimes Blogger just takes it into its pointy little head to do weird stuff!

    Don't worry about leaving too many comments! I love them! :-)

  24. I love red-but it has to be the "right" red. Not too blue more orange or brick. Lovely pictures!


  25. Hi Dear Cass! I must tell you what a gorgeous daughter you have. She looks like a little gal filled with fun! What a doll!
    Your tree looks beautiful and I love that chair you've painted red.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me. I hope you put up your little houses so I can see them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  26. What a lovely young woman! I loved the outdoor shot of the red rocking chair. I hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  27. What a beautiful post! I love your pictures! Your tree looks lovely... I hope to see more pictures of it! I had an old Cher barbie with moveable hands and long black hair and I had a Michael Jackson doll too, complete with the glove and red jacket! I don't know what happened to those though. I do remember seeing the original barbies with the blue eyeshadow in catalogs and on TV. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! -April

  28. Pretty daughter in the red hat. I love red - can't get enough of it at Christmas.

  29. Red was my Mom's favorite colors so it always makes me think cozy thoughts. Thanks for starting my day off well.

  30. I have still my kids around me to young, but I can imaged that I will miss them a lot when the move from our home - hope you will see them for Christmas, Maria Berg

  31. I'm seeing RED!!! And it is so pretty . Your daughter makes a great Carmen . I liked that show.

  32. And Christmas is just around the corner. Can you believe it is December already?

  33. Hi Cass :)

    Your daughter is a hat girl! I can't wear a hat to save my life and I love them... poor me.

    Loved seeing all that red :)


  34. Hi have such a pretty daughter and she look so good in that hat! favorite signature color...I just went on a shopping binge at IKEA on Tuesday and everything i bought was in red.....

  35. Your lovely daughter reminds me so much of mine, Cass! Mine's coming home from New Jersey for Christmas, too!


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