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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fa La La La Gobble!

I took my in-laws to the airport this morning.
After a decompression day to recover from the Thanksgiving hub-bub, I am back at the blog!

Thanks to Tam at The Gypsy's Corner for Three Or More Tuesday
and Susan at Thoughts from Over The Rainbow for Deck The Halls,
a holiday decor showcase.
Check 'em out, man! Just click on the highlighted words, or the logos below.

For me, the essence of Christmas decorating is the Tree.

I am besotted with Christmas Trees, and have one in just about every room at That Old House.
Last year we had two full-size trees -- a "faux" in the Parlor, and a "real" in the Conservatory.

I have to admit, the faux (next to the camelback sofa) looked pretty good, and it held those big heavy ornaments that always slide off the branches of the real trees. However, I do love the slightly goofy shape of the real tree, with its wild branches in random pattern.

This year, we'll put the faux back in the parlor, although perhaps in a different corner. And a real tree will go in the sunroom, but also in a different corner. Stay tuned!

There are many, many, many, many hundreds of ornaments on these two trees, and Howard and I need to haul them all down from the attic. Well, mostly Howard. He does the pack mule work, I do the decorating.

Last year, as the girls and I unwrapped ornaments and put them on the conservatory tree, Howard napped on a nearby loveseat:

He finally woke, covered with the padding paper, and claimed to have been awake the entire time. Sure he was.

Other trees destined to make a comeback this year are the dining room tree,
although it may be in a different form!

And the powder room tree, in the Santa boot, and decorated with tiny glass Santas:

My family finds it slightly disturbing that I have a small tree in the powder room.
Yes, I'm cracked.

So cracked that I never got good pictures of our Thanksgiving Day feast!

Instead, I have a few hasty shots of befores and afters . . . raw cranberries and the sauce they turned into, the parlor with its furniture pushed back to make room for a drinks table and more chairs, stacks of Thanksgiving dinnerware and clean dry wineglasses waiting to go home to the breakfronts, napkins and tablecloths clean and ready to be put away, the butler's pantry showing signs of its duty as a coffee station, a bit of leftover pie, a dining room full of chairs after the long rental tables were gone, and washed silver flatware not yet stowed.

And Dion, thinking he didn't get enough of that Giant Parakeet that smelled so good.

My centerpiece on the grownups' table was the ruby flash glass compote, with big glossy red grapes draping down over it, and a chunky candle in the middle. My guests ate most of the centerpiece.

Happy Decorating! -- Cass


  1. Christmas tree is #1 but the Christmas nap is a pretty close 2nd.

  2. great job on the decor. Your tree looks wonderful, and I love the santa boot tree. What takes the cake... THE NAP!

  3. Your trees are beautiful! You did a better job of taking pictures than I did. I had hoped to get more done today, but my leg is NOT cooperating.
    I bet Dion kept your floor clean of any crumbs. :)

  4. I love your Christmas trees! The two big ones are just stunning but the Santa one in the powder room is pretty darn cute too :) This is my first year in 20+ years without a real tree - the allergies finally got to me but oh how I miss the fragrance!

  5. Love all your trees, just gorgeous! My Howard would be in the same position as your Howard! LOL!

  6. A tree in every room - they all look stunning!
    You have a great sense of what to put in each special place..beautiful!

  7. Okay I'll fess up...I have a tree in my bathroom...we can start a group. Do we want to stop or do we want to celebrate it?

  8. Pardon my interruption:
    Green stuff is "7-up salad." Lemon jello, lime jello, pineapple, pecans, green food coloring and 7-Up. Sweet, cool, and gone in a hurry.

  9. Your trees look great!
    I have a little tree in the powder room, and about 20 snowmen!
    I like Lori E's question, LOL!
    Hope all is well with you..
    Did you get to Christmas Tree Shop yet?

  10. We're taking a less is more approach at Linderhof these last couple of years -- real greens on the mantles and the big tree and poinsettias, Christmas cactus and perhaps amaryllis -- Christmas chotskis remain in the basement!

    Husband Jim decorates the big tree -- takes him three days -- me I could do it in 1!

  11. Your guests ate most of the centerpiece! LOL! Cass you are so funny and very witty. I just love that about visiting your blog posts. Along with the STUNNING photos of course. *Smiles* Dion is just too cute waiting for a bite.

    You have the most beautiful trees! ~WOW! They are really HUGE and so FULL of ornaments. LOVE that look of warmth and vibrance. I can't wait to see them this year and the shoe tree is so sweet. ~Ah!

    YES! So far we are really enjoying the new LED lights. They are really bright! They were 6.99 at Target for a 7 foot strand. I'm not too sure about the battery life yet but I'm sure they will last a long time. They also stay cool to the touch which I like.

    Thanks for coming by for a visit. I always enjoy hearing from you.

    ~Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  12. Looking good! Haven't started here yet but will get to it soon!


  13. Your trees are beautiful!!!! and Howard looks very comfortable :)

  14. I love both trees! Especially love the way the tree looks in the sun room with all that glass and two million lights...devine!
    **blows Christmassy kisses** Deb

  15. So, you have TWO trees - I'm envious, as I'd love to have two. Maybe this year, although with two toddlers visiting it may be wiser to have just one big toddler magnet to monitor!
    Loved your befores and afters shots - it must have been a great dinner!

  16. I'm trying to get motivated to go out and buy a fake tree this year. But, it's raining AGAIN and so that's my excuse for today.

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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