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Friday, October 30, 2009

Which Old Witch?

Once upon a time, I was a Girl Scout leader; our troop hosted an annual Halloween Party for several troops in town. At my house.
My girls always hoped to scare the other troops enough to make them cry. And sometimes, we succeeded. Ours were the most popular Halloween parties in town.

But there were no terrors among the snacks. One of the standards: Witches' Hats.

It's the Eve of All Hallow's Eve. Have you carved your gourd lantern to get you safely through the streets of your village tomorrow night before the spirits rise up and snatch you?


I am so late for Michael's Foodie Friday on her Designs By Gollum blog, that I am almost early for next week's!

Don't forget to fly over on your broomstick and take a look.


It's Witches' Hats On All Hallow's Eve Eve!

You need these:

You take the tinfoil clothes off these:

Don't they look better nekkid? You can't say that about everything, you know.

A confession. I should have gotten orange or even red tube frosting, not purple gel. They were out of both orange and red. So these will be plain witches' hats. No bling. It's Casual Friday . . . .

Put a dab of the icing onto the middle of the cookie,
and gently squoosh the kiss onto the cookie. Be careful!

The wafers are fragile.
It is all too easy to make this interesting 2-dimensional sculpture:

Chocolate Wafer Pac-Man.

Oops! A defect. There's been a mistake at the factory. Cheap help.
Look at this one:

I'll save it for Howard. :-)

Sshhh. . . . Don't look now, but we have a visitor.

Rudy the Ghost is checking out the witches' hats. He can't resist trying one on:

Not a good look, and it will slow him down passing through walls. Hat, gone.

Hat hair, here to stay.

That will teach him.
Rudy was in yesterday's post, and is getting used to the limelight I'm afraid.

Have a Happy Halloween! Help yourself to a cookie.

But not that one in the middle; that's reserved.

Again . . . BOO! -- Cass

P.S. Did you know that real witches' hats are really made of chocolate and cookies? True. Why else do you think they wear the hideous things? It's why witches smell like chocolate. And eye of newt.


  1. Les chapeaux are tres cute!!!

    Man, my French is tres rusty!

    Only ONE witch lives here with one old grouch. :-)

  2. haaaaaaa.........soooooooo cute!

  3. Hi Cass

    I have made these before for the kids and had forgotten, thanks for bringing it back to me! Hope all is well with you! Been out East???

  4. This is the cutest post. Love the little ghost and witches hat. Little ghost can come live with me..he's a sweetie.

  5. Awww, Rudy is so sweet.... sorry his head is shaped wrong for the hat though. He'll just have to go hatless this year I suppose.


  6. Howard's cookie looks like boobs. Naked ones.
    The rest are cute. Your troop aimed to make the other troops cry? Did they get a badge for that?

  7. Boo to you, too, Cass! How cute! I love it that you've used my word "Nekked". And I agree that kiss looks much better nekked! Those little cookies are so adorable. You had better watch that little Rudy! He's a little stinker, I can tell.
    Have a safe and fun Halloween.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;O

  8. Cass~~~

    So the girl scouts are long gone and you are still trying to scare people! She does look good with the hat on. Love the hats and suppose Howard will love his factory malfunction.

    Happy Halloween!


  9. I LOVE Rudy!!!
    Where did you get him, he's adorable!!!


  10. Hi Cass
    Rudy is just the cutest little ghost!!!
    And your cookies look delicious :)

    Have a Happy Halloween

  11. Very cute idea! I'm filing it away for next year's Pumpkin Palooza. And there's that cute egg again:)


  12. Those witches hat are very cute and will be on the menu here next year, for sure. Rudy is a very sweet little ghost - and just having him around will ward off any not-so-benign creatures tonight!

  13. Cass..
    Delightful as usual!
    Loved the idea..
    Your posts always make me smile!

  14. Hello Cass, your post is so delicious and funny. I had a great laugh reading your text and looking at pac man!!! The witch hats are so cute. I need to run to the store and get the stuff to make them.

    Going now, see ya!

    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. I think I will make these..yum!
    I will also make the special one for J!

  16. What cute cookies! Happy Halloween to you too!

  17. I made witch hat cookies for the Halloween party I hosted last night! I learned from you, Mom - only I used red icing and fudge Grasshopper cookies :)


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