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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something's Fishy On Sunday Favorites


And we are having more rain.
Our begonias are still blooming to beat the band,
and beginning to look distinctly odd in the increasingly wintry landscape.

Did you have a good Halloween? We had four trick-or-treaters, which is double last year's count,
but we spent most of the day ordering goodies for our kitchen.

Yes, That Old House is getting a facelift in the kitchen department.
And the people rejoice!

No reveal yet, but I can tell you that the ordering involved one of these:And some of this:

And a few other things.
It's going to be a busy few weeks, as my To-Be-Done-By-Thanksgiving List
has just gotten much longer, and much more expensive. Stay tuned!

But today is Sunday, and I'm taking my day of rest by re-issuing a post from January 2009 about a fishy find from several decades ago. It's so wet outside, I thought a fish might be appropriate today!

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for more Sunday Favorites!


(January 27, 2009)

Years ago... many years ago... my best-friend-since-Kindergarten Mardi-Ellen and I found this fish at an art festival in an old whaling village on eastern Long Island. We bought it for my parents, who had a beach house nearby in Southold.

We thought it was "artsy."

My mother graciously displayed it on an end table. In years to come, it would be a resting place for my niece's pacifier -- which fit right into the fish's open mouth -- and a permanent dust catcher.

What was not permanent was my parents' residency at their beloved bayfront home. A year and a half ago they moved to an assisted living facility in New Jersey, near my house.

We still own the beach house, but it's not occupied now, and my siblings and I have cleared out many things -- donating, sometimes dumping, often taking home the accumulation of more than 65 years of marriage.

Since I had given the fish to my parents, I took it home.

He lives now on an end table in my sunroom. Sometimes he looks quite snazzy:

Who knew fish could wear earrings?

(Be careful what you give your folks; it may end up in your house someday!)


P.S. I have offered the fish to Mardi, even offered to have joint custody of it. Strangely enough she has declined, and in fact claims to have no memory of having bought it. Coward.


  1. Hi Cass...

    Ahhh...your fishy is just too cute, my friend! I just had myself a laugh when I read what you wrote about being careful what you give your might end up back at your place someday!!! So true! Loved his the way!

    My friend, I'm just so excited for you...getting a kitchen remodel!!! are going to have so much fun!!! Can't wait to see...will you give us a few "snippets" once in awhile? Enjoy!!!

    Thank you so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites...great post!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. How wonderful, a new kitchen all ready for the holiday season. Will the mystery of that extra wide counter be revealed? I've pondered on it and wonder if there was a fireplace or solid fuel cast iron cooker with a large hearth there originally. Do please let us know.

    Best wishes for the refit from downunder, Michelle and Zebbycat

  3. Well, that fish is definitely a conversation piece!Too funny that your friend Mardi won't own up to buying it with you. LOL
    Your upcoming remodel must have you in such an ecstatic state. I know I would be in heaven- I've got to do my bathrooms first.
    Please give us some progress pictures once the work begins.
    hugs, Sue

  4. I love the fish and I'm glad you have sole custody of it. Shared custody is so messy, ya know?

    I do not remember this post from before - - - WHERE WAS I????

  5. The wonderful piece of art has seen lots of wonderful times, I'm sure, and more to come at your home!

    Can't wait to see what you do in that old kitchen ;)

  6. Funny! I ended up with a few things back that I had given my Mother. Sorry about the rain today - we are finally getting a much needed break from it here. My begonias are still hanging in there also.
    You don't have to have a granddaughter to have a dollhouse.:)
    I would love to redo some things in my kitchen.

  7. Cass--
    Congrats on the kitchen redo--that's one of my all time goals here. Have fun!
    We had about 25-30 treaters.more that last year too.
    Enjoy you Sunday!


  8. Jeez if I knew that was the case I would have given my mom nicer gifts.
    Just kidding. lol .
    I kinda like that fish.

  9. I like the fish . It has class. Good luck with the kitchen. Going to look great.

  10. I am jealous of a kitchen remodel!!!! Can't wait to see it. We had no trick or treaters, just like every year. I think they think we are haunted!!! We do sit far back off the street.

    Your fish is cute! :D Jewel

  11. Hi Cass.....doesn't every family have some piece of object D' Art as the husband calls it....we are blessed with a ceramic Kangaroo men's know for holding a wallet and keys and stuff...given to my father in law when husband was about 9....FIL having no idea how not to insult a gift from a child proclaimed infront of company...."What am I suppose to do with a GD dog"'s a kangaroo old man and now we proudly own it....

  12. Can't wait to see your new kitchen! Looks like a new range and you will LOVE..LOVE...LOVE your simmer burner. I use my simmer feature almost every day!



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