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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Changes at That Old House

My first Metamorphosis this Monday is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
Mr. Dion DiPoochy, who went from being a collapsed heap on Saturday night, to this, today:

. . . a happily snuggling snoozing pup. (You can see where his IV was, on his left front leg.)

Why he collapsed after his dinner on Saturday is still not completely clear, but ladies, you will love this -- according to both vets, it's most likely that it was discomfort from a wad of paper (tissue, most likely) moving through his system that caused his dramatic moaning and temporary paralysis.

So basically, he had cramps. Cramps.

Can you tell he's a guy?

Thank goodness he never had to whelp puppies. Can you imagine the carrying-on then?

Now, back to That Old House and a little metamorphosis at home!

I have a pile of pictures that I took this morning of a spot in our study:

Yes, Dion got his mug in the mosaic! I'm keeping him close at my side today.

This is a small metamorphosis, but it makes me happy. Since our study is our read-watch tv-snack-snuggle-snooze-pay bills-write blog-and-hang-out room, it gets short shrift when it comes to decorating.

I've decided to change that, one space at a time, beginning with this:

Some months back, I posted about making a shelf holder for the DVD player and cable box, that would also hold up the big television. It works well, but other than a little dust here and there, it is rather stark and un-decorated.

Till today. I took this small bit of space:

And added this, which I got on a clearance table at Pier One:

To which I added this, half price at A.C. Moore,

. . . which inspired me to break my rule of "no faux:"

And then I added this little burnished metal pumpkin, half price at GoodWill:

And ended up with . . . this:

Hahaha... that's a reflection of our pie safe in the television screen, above!

Many thanks to two lovely ladies, whose Monday blog parties got me motivated and into gear today. I was happy to welcome this Monday; last week was a pip, and I was not sorry to say goodbye to it!

To Susan at Between Naps On The Porch, thank you for giving me motivation to find something to change each week! I get things done because of you. Dear readers, visit Susan's beautiful blog, and catch the changing landscapes at Metamorphosis Monday!

And Mary at Little Red House, whose blog is so heart-scrunchingly lovely -- you've inspired and taught so many of us to make collages out of the virtual piles of digital snapshots we take. I've become an addict! Visit Mary's Mosaic Monday blog party for more lovely collages.

My Dad is home and doing well after his bout of pneumonia last week. Whew. A sick dog and a sick dad, all in one week. Here's to Good Health all around!



  1. Love your collage! Which program did you use? I have 4 that I use but never seem to get/remember the one that I want.

    Glad your Dad and dog are doing better!


  2. Poor widdle puppy. I had a guinea pig once that ate a plastic bag. Didn't fair so well.
    Guys are such babies.
    I think you have the right idea of tackling one section at a time. Not so overwhelming then. It looks great and I like the muted color of the pumpkin.

  3. Glad to hear dog and dad are doing better. And we even got sunshine today -- woo-hoo! Love your fun mosaic, Cass. Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  4. I'm so happy he's doing well! You must have been a mess worrying about what was wrong with him!

    What a sweetie he is!

    I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for sharing. I would like to offer you an award. If you're interested in accepting it, please visit my blog at to redeem it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Glad to hear your Father and Dion are on the mend. Love the mosaic. I think your Fall decor looks pretty.

  6. Poor puppy! My Boston terrier chewed up my pincushion (yes, it was full of pins and needles) and showed not an ounce of discomfort. Then again, she is a female!
    I really like your new arrangement :)

  7. Your pictures are great! But I love, love, love your doggie. They look like such a sweet and loving breed of dogs.
    Ladybug Creek

  8. Cass, I'm so glad that your puppy is okay. My best friend has a King Charles, and we adore him! Best little dog ever. But you're right... guys are BIG babies. LOL!

    I like what you did with your faux flower arrangment. And I love the color of that room.

    Happy Met Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. So glad your baby is ok! Love the change in your room! Our little den is somewhat the same way...we do everything there and I have slowly been trying to pretty it up - starting with painting the side tables and the inside of the hutch.

  10. So glad little Dion and you Dad are much better...what a scare.
    The mos!

  11. The corn vase is to die for! LOVE IT!!


  12. Glad to hear that Dion and your Dad
    are doing better!

    Why is it that we feel sooooo
    "put together" when we change just one little small place?


  13. Oh, I am so happy your little furry baby got over his cramps!!! Poor puppy. Love your bargains...they look great!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  14. I LOVE that vase shaped as an ear of corn!
    Why do dogs eat such unappetizing items!?
    I dig sticks, dead animal parts (from the cats) poop, rocks, you name it, out of Lexie's mouth all day!

  15. How smart you are to do one section at a time. I'm glad you decided to try the faux flowers. They are fun after awhile because you can try your hand at so many arrangements! I love the Pier I vase....will never tire of their pieces.

    It's hard to camouflage a television and you have the right idea with distraction. I have a huge potted palm behind mine and so HE sees the TV and I see the plant!! lol!

    Enjoy your week, Cass! :-)


  16. Mondays do give us motivation to change, don't they? I'm sorry for your pup, poor guy. You're right. They'd never survive birthing!

  17. Ollie (our Corgi) was concerned about Dion . . . Ollie had a similar upset -- seems he ate some of those plastic papers that butchers put on the stryo tray before they put the meat on . . . didn't pass on too well!

    And then our vet told about the dog that ate the panty hose . . . I felt good that the only thing Ollie ate was that plastic!

    You are great at collages . . I've yet to learn!


  18. Oh, I love that vase! Apparently, I missed some drama with that beautiful dog. He sure looks like he's doing great now. I'm so glad. laurie

  19. I'll bet that wad of paper didn't taste so good.

  20. I hope your puppy is doing better!!!

    I love looking at all the creative blogs it does get me moving as well. Lovely job on the vase...

  21. Love your redo! And I am very happy your men are on the mend!
    Hugs, Lisa

  22. Poor poochy....nothing worse then a sick dog....they are a bit helpless....Boo had tooth surgery a few weeks ago before we left for jersey and the vet gave him back to us unable to walk....Yes, 135 pounds of blob...he couldn't stand.His back legs are still not back to normal and the vet keeps calling to see how he's doing??? Can you say..."did he happen to fall off the exam table during surgery doctor?"......if only they could talk....Love what you did on the t.v. cabinet......Did you happen to go to the Visiting Nurse rummage sale 2 weekends ago....It was a good one....

  23. Glad to hear the doggie is ok, it is difficult when animals are not feeling their best, glad everything is ok ...

  24. That arrangement is worth breaking your rule! ;) It looks lovely. What an adorable little dog too.

    Happy Met Monday!

  25. I hope Mr Dion is well today! What a awesome mosaic... and I really love the corn on the cob vase! Its pretty and whimsical at the same time!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!
    ~Really Rainey~

  26. well I know what you mean, they are so cute, and lazy!

  27. I thought the television was the best part of this and I would just as soon not have stuff in the way that will ruin the view. In my humble opinion what would improve things is getting an even bigger flat screen television.

  28. Howard, I don't know why you bother looking at the television, when you have both me and Dion to gaze at, adoringly.

    And if your T.V. were any larger, it would need its own zip code.

    Queen Cass, your loving wife

  29. So glad your puppy and pappa are doing better. Beautiful arrangement.

  30. LOL at Howard's comment! That's telling him! :-) I'm so glad Dion is better...poor baby! Love your new additions to your room...I'm all over the faux thing...only indoor plants that I can't kill!

  31. I'm happy to hear your dad and your doggie are doing better. Love your mosaic and all your other photos too ... and the PUMPKINS in TODAY's post are marvelous (especially the goofy one). Looks like lots of fun for everyone. Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs and for dropping by Small Reflections. I can hardly believe it, but I'm celebrating my 2nd Blogoversary there now ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  32. Just found your blog and had to comment on your sweet puppy. I've had Cavaliers for 20 years. We lost our blenheim, Oliver, last year, but still have our tri-color, Violet. She's almost 11 and still going strong. Aren't they just the most wonderful dogs?

  33. Your photos and mosaic are GREAT. Love, love, love your best friend and glad both are getting better! Love your redo - such a calm little space - love the colors!


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