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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Favorites -- The Lee Sister, Ugg and Love (And A Last Chance at the Giveaway!)

It's Sunday, the bloggers' day of rest, and I am taking advantage of Chari's generosity in hosting Sunday Favorites on her Happy To Design blog.

I'm re-running a post from March 2009.

But don't forget! That Old House is hosting a Giveaway, and you've got till Midnight EDT to enter! I've got the link at the end of this post; don't miss it. And now, my blast from the past, with an update . . . .


Sometimes orphans get left on your doorstep. In our case, left on our front porch, was a pair of sisters, the Lee girls....


and Love:

Meet Miss Ugg Lee and Miss Love Lee:

(and please avert your eyes from the cracked paint on That Old House. She is very self-conscious about getting old and wrinkled, and is quite desperate to find a good, miracle-working moisturizer . . . .)

So how did the Lee Sisters end up on my front porch?

My brother, Lindy.

(This picture, below, is from our House Blessing Open House in March '09 ... that's Lindy on the right, his wife Carol in the wing chair, and my sister Peggy looking very surprised, on the left.)

Well, my big brother Lindy and his wife Carol are beginning to sort through things at their house on Long Island, deciding what will make the move to their house in North Carolina.

Most of this stuff is Lindy's. Carol is an innocent bystander. My brother is King of the Pack Rats, a crown he wears with distinguished aplomb, and a cellar you enter at your own risk.

Recently I got a call: "Hey Cassy! I've got a couple of chairs, I think they're old ice cream parlor chairs . . . you want them?"

Well, duh.
Of course I want them.
I, after all, am Queen of the Pack Rats!

One of the chairs was recently painted, so she's Miss Love Lee.

The other is au naturel, rusty and -- let's be kind and say, picturesque. She's Miss Ugg Lee.

I'm not sure these two are ice cream parlor chairs. I have a wire ice cream parlor chair in my hall bath (check in Monday for the metamorphosis of that room!) and it's quite different from these two beauties.

I think the Lee sisters may just be ... chairs. But they are cute, in a goofy sort of way.
And they need me.

It is time for makeovers for the Lee Sisters, don't you think?
A case of critical need.
Any ideas?

I keep seeing pink. . . .


UPDATE 8/9/09 -- But no. Pink was not to be. While I saw pink, the Lee sisters saw. . .

. . . red. Really red.

Around here, we always obey the inanimate objects. We painted them red.

And then added two little friends to join them.

They were already red, with really nice chippiness. Don't you think I should use these "as is?"

More on the Lee sisters -- including my finding their doubles
in a decorating magazine -- and their new friends tomorrow.

I got a buy on the new chairs. Not as good as free, but the next best thing!

And don't forget the Giveaway!

Go to the post from Friday, August 7th. Click here, and read all about it.
If you like French Country, sign up! -- Cass


  1. Oh know I love the RED!!! Wonderful!!! It looks so bright and cheerful this way!!! Good for you!!!


  2. Much as I love seeing all the black and white painted pieces everywhere this red really pops out and looks great.
    They look "lovelee"

  3. I would have probabley painted them black, but I like the red! !

  4. I believe in listening to furniture when it tells you what colour it should be. I'm glad you listened to the the Lee Sisters - never stand between a gal and something new in red!

  5. Hi Cass...

    Ohhh...I'm so happy to meet the Lee sisters! Girl, I love their new red's stunning and so charming!!! And...I wouldn't do a thing to the other chippy red their patina!!! Ohhh...I do love the red! Of course, red is my favorite color! Hehe! That was so sweet of your brother...bringing you those beautiful chairs!!! My mom has a set of four old ornate iron chairs...I've been trying to talk her out of them for no avail! Hehe!

    Thank you so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! I sure did enjoy my visit to That Old House and seeing your beautiful new red chairs!!!

    Have a wonderful week, Darlin'!
    PS...ohhh, I'm off to check out your giveaway!

  6. I am pleased to meet the Lee sisters ... all decked out in the red attire, flashing beauties they are. Your table setting is gorgeous ... TTFN ~Marydon


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