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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rooster Down! We Have A Rooster Down!

You are guinea pigs again today . . . yesterday, here, I tested different sizes of mosaics. Today, it's type face size. A few blogging friends are having trouble reading the "normal" size font I normally use. Do you like the larger better, or the "normal?" Now... on to the post!


The roosters at That Old House never made it to the
Show Us Your Roosters party on Friday, because their owner didn't realize she had to sign up ahead of time to participate.

She does things like that. Dopey things.

Okay, that's enough of referring to myself in the third person, like Queen Victoria or Bob Dole.
Does that rooster (above) look annoyed to you?
I think he may be a little bit miffed at missing the big Rooster Bash.

I did a Lazy Ladies' Rooster post anyway -- put the pictures into one big mosaic -- and sent it off into Cyberspace un-linked. And some folks actually saw it! Thank you. :-)

A few commented on this little guy:

He belonged to my Mom. Isn't he a handsome devil?

He is a shelf-sitter, which is nothing at all like a fence-sitter.

He likes to sit on the window sill in the sunroom and check out any cute chicks that pass on the street.

His legs and wings are attached with itty bitty bits of old string, and his right wing has an . . . issue:

During the course of our photo session, as I was telling him to gaze
soulfully into the camera, to make love to the lens . . . his wing fell off.

Roosters have notoriously delicate stomachs and can't take the sight of their own blood.
Or in this case, disintegrated old twine. The poor little guy fainted clean away.

Don't worry. He came around in a few minutes and is fine. I have promised to find some gnarly old twine
and re-attach his wing today, and put him back on the sunroom windowsill
so he can watch the world -- and those chicks -- go by.

Reality check -- Mr. Rooster has asked that the next time I shoot a closeup of his head,
I take the time to
DUST HIM FIRST. Oops. My bad. --- Cass


  1. Adorable! Such personality and charm! And quite handsome as well.

  2. Alas, things like that happen to "old things" -- he must be one "tough bird"!

  3. hee hee you's so funny in this cute post. I love his cheery little cheekbones all puffed up with his happy smiling face. I didn't sign up either, but did look around and had more roosters than I realized in the house. We used to have chickens. (yes, even in this suburban neighborhood, because we are blessed to be on a slightly secluded corner lot surrounded by trees.) Some of our older retired neighbors even said they didn't mind when we kept a rooster for a while. They liked hearing him crow!! I actually miss having the laying ladies. One day...Thanks for your funny post. Made me smile today. :-) Have a great weekend.

  4. Good morning Cass :)

    You crack me up! He's cute, broken wing and all ;)

    Happy 31st Anniversary! That post was one of the best I've read anywhere.


  5. Poor old thing : O ( I hope he won't need too much physical therapy to be up and going again.

    Love the post! Everyone needs a smile each day and you gave me mine.


  6. This is too cute. He really is a swell fellow, and you show him off beautifully. Cute, cute, cute. Hugs, Marty

  7. I am laughing at your fun post. OK so I do not own even one Rooster but I went out and found some at an antique store and took some photos to share. I make up the post yesterday after babysitting all week and post only to find out posting to Barb was in advance. Barb was nice enough to link me in last night so I am sure if you shoot her an email or a comment she can link you in also. I am having a problem in blog land because I can't view all the photos on peoples blog and I have no idea how to correct this. Any idea?

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!

    I SAW the "rooster down" yesterday, but didn't think to say anything about him, and certainly nothing as funny as "Rooster Down!"

  9. You are just too funny! LoVe it!

  10. Oh goodness, Cass!! And you didn't bother to call the paramedics? Or the country vet??

    That first guy is scary!! Nightmare scary...although after visiting slews of roosters yesterday, I had a horrific headache and thought I was going to lose my eyesight. I'm resting up and will have a go of it again tomorrow.

    PS Can't figure out how to get my pics to enlarge after posting. It just stopped working!! Let me know...


  11. Cute post! :-)
    Yes - age does that to our joints. :-)

  12. I didn't realize that you had to sign up in advance either. I just did my own post too!

  13. I needed a little chuckle this morning.....The poor guy..maybe we should have a joint Memorial Service for him and my hasn't been a good was "for the birds"....

    And another 3rd. person talker and my personal favorite...
    George Costanza from Seinfeld

  14. Oh, poor Roostie is hurt, but he is a cutie!...Christine

  15. Well, I'm glad you posted anyway! That rooster and story gave me the best laugh!! He is so funny to look at, even without a funny story! LOL!

    The sign up was a little different without having Mr. Linky that can be posted on anytime!

    Cute roosters! I enjoyed this a lot!


  16. I wanted to make a mosaic too but could not upload it for some reason.

    Love your Mom's rooster!

  17. So clever - and I'm sure Mr. Rooster will be happy to have his wing back.

  18. love all the roosters! super cute!

  19. Oh broked his wing when he said he wanted to come to Canada to live with me didn't you. Shame.
    By the way I just thought the dust was rooster hair.

  20. Hi Cass,
    I'm so glad I stopped by today to see what you've been up to! I must agree with Jane that the first guy was ... well, "in your face!" I persevered though ... and the smile on MY face got wider and wider!

    I must say the larger type is easier to read. Perhaps we should all be "super sizing" our posts ... these eyes aren't gettin' any younger!

    Bye for now,

  21. Cass--
    I was laughing while reading
    your post, Ken asked me what was so funny? By this time I was so wound up laughing I could barely read to him!!!


  22. I thought yesterday's post was funny...but this one is funnier.

    Poor Mr. Rooster.

    Becky K.

  23. Cass you are a hoot dear lady!LOLOLOL! Too funny!

    I do hope the poor sweet rooster got his broken wing fixed up. They are all sweeties.

    Loved this post! ~Melissa :)

  24. He looks great! I love him!
    Great post!
    All the best,

  25. Good Sunday Morning Cass! I just caught your comment to Barb at Bella Vista, and wanted to come by to see YOUR roosters too! I got a kick out of the "Handsome devil" one from your mother!.. The expression on his face, I think, says HE KNOWS IT!
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  26. I love your rooster with the broken wing.I have a Santa made simular to him. You have some great roosters.

  27. Poor rooster!
    You are ƒunny!
    And I like your Thanksgiving report!
    Gasp it's only Less than three months!


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