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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hooked On Faces -- Sweet and Scary!

I have been banned from using my husband's computer . . . never mind why.
Let's just gloss over Howard's having to get new security clearances and safe passwords, shall we?

I have not heard from the Mothership about when my own prodigal desktop will return to the fold, so I have hijacked my daughter Anne's laptop, while she is busy in the kitchen making me a birthday cake.


I am joining Julia's Hooked On Friday Blog Party, at her marvelous Hooked On Houses website. Just go here to find all the lovely stories about what other bloggers are hooked on!

Today I am hooked on The Many Faces of Anne.
Now -- don't be scared! It's only make-believe. . . .


Among the things Anne learned in college was how to transform this:

into this:

Slightly middle-aged.

And then, more middle-aged.

I hope I wasn't the inspiration for this!

Then there was this interesting metamorphosis:

and this:


And then came this, which she sent to me one day with the caption
"Look what I did!" and I nearly fainted:

She did a pirate, too, but only wants me to show the scar:

She also learned how to do hair for the stage:

Also how to build sets, design and build costumes, run a wardrobe department -- and all of this paid off.
Two days ago, Anne was offered a Teaching Assistantship,
leading to an MFA in Costume Design.

So come September, Howard and I -- and That Old House -- will be empty-nesters again.
Tomorrow we head out to help Anne apartment-hunt.

Good luck, Miss Anne Lillian.
We are very proud of our almost-birthday girl (next Wednesday).


  1. I teach computers to seniors you know...I'm just saying...

    I love those pictures. Congrats to your daughter. My back yard neighbour is a movie special effects make up artist.

    He used my eldest son as a model several years ago to help teach the lady doing the FX makeup for the new t.v. version of The Fugitive.

    I have already asked for my son's permission to post those pictures but he doesn't want his photos anywhere on the internet. He won't do Facebook, Twitter or anything like that.

    It is too bad because he looks like he had the living daylights beat out of him. He said even though it was his own face when he looked in the mirror he thought it should hurt it looked so bad.

  2. That was extemely interesting. Thank you for sharing all those pictures.

  3. Ooooh. My son wants to major in music theater. I will have to show him these pictures. He's very worried about the jobs that are on the other side. It will make him feel good to see someone employed. :)

    Congratulations to your daughter. She's obviously very talented.

  4. First of all, Happy Birthday to you, eCass and to Anne. I hope your knee is feeling better.

    These pictures are awesome!! Congrats to Anne for all of her achievments. She is a beautiful girl, even with the old lady makeup!!

    You will be an emptynester and you know I am not good with that. I look toward you as an example!! Sorry to put that pressure on!

    Have a wonderful weekend!! :-)


  5. Cass your daughter is beautiful! And congrats to her for landing an awesome position.
    Soory about the computer problems..or should I be more sorry for your hubby :) Whenever I am on the computer and utter uh-oh, J cringes!

    Don't forget I nominated you for the Honest Scrap award! Go to my blog and proceed! Would love to have you play along...*smile*

    Hope the leg is healing and your b-day is full of good things!


  6. That was fun, I had to see it at least twice. Good job Anne! Hope you have many happy times ahead of you. Happy birthday to both of you.

  7. Hey Cass! Enjoyed the post! Good for Anne, I wish her great success!
    I pulled a Cass yesterday and went to a yard sale! Got a couple of real treasure to post on later!

  8. "Well done" to your Anne! Amazing faces - she has a gift, for certain.
    Thanks for the morning laugh - when I read your previous post about using the phone for a mouse I laughed out loud. Too funny!

  9. Love the photos and LOVE your house!I SO hope to own a home like that some day!:o)

  10. Miss Anne - - - those faces just keep getting scarier and scarier - - - and your face is sooooooo pretty before the scare was put into it!!!

    Cass - - - get your very own lappy They are wonderful, and you can get one that will meet your blogging needs quite inexpensively. Bite the bullet - - - you're WORTH it.


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