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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday Favorites -- Am I Blue? Not Anymore!

Happy Father's Day to the dads and grand-dads! I hope you all have good grills, comfy recliners, and the appreciation of your womenfolk and young'uns. :-)

Many thanks to Chari at Happy To Design for hosting Sunday Favorites -- a weekly re-run of an old post. Click here for more second-time-around tales.

I love this meme; it appeals to the lazy in me, and to the part that wants to keep telling the same stories about That Old House over and over and over again.

So -- without further ado, a post originally published on February 15th of this year. . . about how our powder room went from singing the blues, to seeing red!


I love flowers in clay pots.
I love brick walls.
I love bl
ue skies.

But, sadly, I didn't love them painted on these walls. This was our powder roo
m, when we bought That Old House nearly a year ago:

This little half bath is at the end of our "butler's pantry," (the rather grand name we give to the passageway between our kitchen and dining room, which we hope to restore someday). There is a walk-in pantry on the other side of that pocket door.

I felt guilty, wanting to repaint this room, because clearly
a lot of time and effort went into creating it.

But, I got over it:

Goodbye to the blues!

We painted the powder room to match the dining room,
Tucson Red, #1300, from Benjamin Moore,
with the beadboard wainscoting and woodwork in Moore's Atrium White
for some relief from the intense red in such a small space.

A crystal sconce that matches the dining room fixture replaced an undersized brass-plated one.
The vanity and sink are serviceable and in good condition,
so while I'm not crazy about them, they will stay for now.

We replaced a worn faucet with a simple, classic polished nickel one. I love polished nickel; it has the look of old silver to me. My Dad thinks I am nuts.
He is a very practical fellow, and told me, "Nickel tarnishes!"

Yes, Dad... that's the whole point! :-)

There is a window over the sink, so I needed a m
irror on the opposite wall, and was looking for an old fashioned sort like my grandmothers had in their homes. It needed to be fairly large, and (of course) cheap.

I found it at Home Depot, of all places:
It was only about $30. It's beveled, and there is an
etched-glass floral border around it -- just like I remember.

You never know where that just-right article may come from, do you? I'd spent months looking for the right mirror (sometimes finding the right mirrors for other rooms but not this one!) and there it was, waiting for me, just 6 miles away at the big box store!

Still to be done: curtains!
I'm thinking a nice chintz, or maybe a red & white toile; what do you think?


Curtains did get done -- in black and white toile!
I hope you enjoyed the transformation of the powder room.

Happy Sunday! -- Cass


  1. This is a great re-do. I often paint over my own creative masterpieces. It's a new day.

  2. This is just beautiful, Cass! You have the best decorating sense for your lovely 'Old House'. Have a wonderful weekend,sweet friend,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. This post must be from BEFORE I found you - - - at least I don't remember it.

    What WERE those other people thinking to try to paint bricks over bead board?????

    I really like the new color with the white chair rail and bead board.

  4. I think I just found the color of paint I have been looking for!
    Love the powder room.
    Happy Sunday :)

  5. Oh I think I would have felt guilty for about 5 mins and then I'd moved love what you did with it. It is so modern and stylish now.

  6. That is great! The color and ALL!

  7. and white toile of that would be lovely..but don't you have any mind is on it's way out and I need visual aids anymore!

  8. Much better. And I love the mirror from Home Depot. I would have never have guessed it came from there.

  9. Really like the redo. Red & white toile curtains sound pretty.

  10. Wow! Great make over. The colors, the sconce calls for chintz! I love the toile too. Can you say a bath is lovely? Yours Is! lol I loved the painting of the flower pots, not the brick in old bath. So so someday I am going to paint flowers, sun room maybe. lol or an claw tub? No, not the tub. lol I agree with you Not for the bath. I just love your house!! My dream house! lol I will be in our near 100 year old bungalow forever. But it is huge and has an upstairs, which you usually do not see in a bungalow, which I love my home. Love your makeover bath!

  11. Cass, great repost. I am inspired by your courage to cover up the old with something bold and modern. It looks great!


  12. Hi!
    Beautiful re-do of your powder room. I love red, it's my favorite color. Have a great day!!


  13. Hi Cass,
    I love the makeover. Your design skills are just awesome.

    Wishing all your menfolk a very Happy father's Day.

  14. A great makeover! Thanks for the tour - you make it look like a lark, when we all know it's a lot of hard work.

  15. HI
    I was blog hopping and came across your blog and thought Id say HI :)


  16. This is incredibly gorgeous! You do have a gift for this! Love the new color and each wonderful addition...and I am SO loving the wainscotting, exactly what I need in our powder room. Maybe someday...*sigh*



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