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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Floored! A Sunday Favorite Re-Run

It's Sunday Favorites again, and I've dug up a post from Friday, February 20, about the original floors in That Old House.

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When I walk on these floors, when I gingerly move furniture so as not to cause damage, when I look at them in sunlight and see the evidence of the hand tools that formed them years ago . . . but especially when I get out the dust mop and go over their worn surfaces, I think of the thousands of times someone else has done just exactly that same thing. And I am floored.

A few people have commented (thank you!)
on the floors in That Old House.

Well, we can't take any credit for them; they have been here for a long time, and are a mixed bag of early and late 19th century wood, and a little early 20th century replacements.

To have some of the original flooring is a wonderful blessing. In our parlor, the floorboards are up to 16 inches wide:

There are also wide, original floorboards in the attic, the front upstairs hall and the pink bedroom.

I love the marks left by previous owners; they were so practical. The knots in the pine shrank faster than the wood around them, and so some of those knots fell out. Our predecessors cannily cut a square plug, and snugged it into the open hole:

Between the boards, where there was gapping from shrinkage, some talented hands inserted long thin slivers of wood.

Amazing and painstaking work. I don't know who did this, but I'd like to shake his hand! Here's a closeup (click, below, to see it really clearly):

Years ago I rented a circa-1800 house. It had original floors, but with wide shrinkage gaps, and I will never forget spending many hours on my knees, cleaning out those long, schmutz-filled channels. Yuck. I really, really appreciate the guy who filled in these gaps!

It's comforting to see that people long ago had little mishaps, too. Evidence: the burn marks on the wood floor, just past the fireplace hearth!

I am glad that the families who lived here before us took such loving care of the house in their stewardship. I hope we can do the same.

Have a wonderful weekend!

And on this Memorial Day weekend, we remember our armed forces,
their dedication, and their many sacrifices.
God Bless. -- Cass


  1. We once lived in a house outside of Philadelphia - it had very wide Tulip Tree plank floors. Oooh I wish I had those floors here.
    I enjoy reading about your appreciation for your Old House.

  2. Hi Cass...Oh I'm so glad you posted this for "Favorites"...I don't remember seeing it before... Your commentary was so interesting along with the great photos...
    ;-) Bo

  3. I do think I remember this post from the first time, but all the history in your floors is still really, really, really cool.

    I'm sure the ghosts could tell lots of stories, maybe it was even one of them who did all those repairs to the floors!!!!!

  4. Cass

    My irst house was the oldest little colonial in town...and I used to wonder what stories the floors could tell, right?

  5. How wonderful for you to still have the original flooring to the house. It gives it so much more character....Christine

  6. What wonderful floors and great memories in an old house.

  7. Wonderful post Cass..May you have a great Memorial day weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. What gorgeous floors. They are so pretty and how nice to have the originals. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  9. At the risk of repeating myself ~ these floors are my all time favorites. Thanks for the dose of inspiration again.

  10. Hi Cass, those wood floor are so special....I really enjoyed your pictures. Happy Sunday Favorites.


  11. What beautiful floor. I think it is special:)Thank you for sharing with us.:)

  12. This house is lucky to be so appreciated and well taken care of. Hope you have a fire screen now.

  13. I love this post... It's wonderful to see someone cherishing and honoring the time worn floors of an old home... so many people rip them out or cover them with carpet... I wish I had them... but instead... I'll just enjoy yours!

  14. Hi Cass...

    I'm so happy to see you "in" with Sunday Favorites again this week!!!

    Ohhhh...I just love this post that you chose to reshare with all of us...once again, it's new to me and I really enjoyed it!!! I have to tell you that I noticed those beautiful old wood floors the minute I first seen your beautiful home! What a blessing to have so much of the home's original flooring still in tact!!! I loved seeing your parlor floors and never realized that they used such wide planks...they look fabulous!!! Okay, my friend...I had to click your links...and did so for your pink bedroom. That room is gorgeous and that has got to be one of the prettiest shades of pink that I've ever seen. Have you blogged about this room? If so and if you have the time, drop by and leave me some links to it...I'd love to see more of it!!!

    I just adore your's so beautiful!!!

    Hope that you're having a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend, my friend!

  15. I still love your floors, only wish the man that did all the repair had done mine!lol

  16. I have been to your blog several times before because I love the old house idea and I enjoy seeing your projects. Keep it up!
    I'll check in often.

  17. I love how that floor holds memories of time gone by

  18. You have a beautiful home....I enjoy checking in for new updates and pictures. Please stop by and check out my old home!

  19. Dontcha just looooove looking at old marks and such and imagining a story behind it? I recently sanded an old tool box I found in the trash, and was amazed by all the marks it had suffered: i love them!

  20. what a treasure your floors are! I love that kind of stuff!


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