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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Or More Pets!

On Three Or More Tuesday, a brief little post ---

Family Pets Who Get Up On The Furniture And Shed:

That is Dion, above, our 10-year old Cavalier.
He loves soft places, and computers.

Our Connie, 11 years old. She also likes soft places.
She is especially fond of playing Princess and the Pea, with sofa pillows.
Connie is having a major bad hair day in this photo.

Connie is also pictured in the first shot, at the top of the post, napping with
a Cavalier friend who stayed with us for some weeks last year.

And lastly . . .

Howard, 57.
He likes soft places, too.

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Have a lovely day. It is nearing 90-degrees here in northern New Jersey; I'm going to go outside and rejoice! -- Cass


  1. lol Nice pets! Happy 3 x Tuesday.

  2. GM Dear friend...girl I am loving all your fur babies here...even Howard looks like he fits right in with the babies..I think all dogs love to sleep on a couch or bed...I so miss having a dog around the house...Girl I had 5 Yorkies all at the same time..lost my last one in 05 and never got anymore...cried for days and said I would never put myself through that again...I just loved my girls to death..not a one of them weighted over 3 pounds and the all slept with me and sat on me ha ha!! I had one that wanted to sit on my lap even in the bathroom ha ha!! time and place for everything...May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Sweet pets - small and tall!
    Our wee Cairn, Rosie is having a sleep-over at our daughter's house, and I miss her. It's a good think I have The Great Dane (same breed as Howard, but white-haired) to keep me company!

  4. Oh dear - typing too fast.......definitly a good 'thing' that I have The Great Dane!

  5. Cass,

    How funny this is! I so wish I never let my dogs on the furniture in the first place (my kids for that matter too!) Now that they are shedding it is everywhere. I have a down comforter that they sleep on AND under and that is not something you can just throw in the wash.

    I think I am going to go back to the day when everyone covered their furniture in plastic! LOL!

    Have a great week! :-D


  6. You are like us! Our pets (a boykin spaniel, a maltese, and a shih tzu) are welcome anywhere in the house. My poor boykin is too arthritic to get up on the bed, but he can still manages chairs. And, I'm glad you let Howard on the furniture too! Thanks for the smiles and sharing!

  7. Our 12 year old lab (Miss February in an upcoming 2010 calendar if you look back at my older posts)is never allowed on the furniture here. At the cabin however she needed to be on the bed because the floor was too cold the first year we bought it. No insulation. Now when I am up there it is me who gets the dirty looks when I am on her bed.

  8. Ha! I really enjoyed your Three or more posts. Your puppy dogs are just precious. It was funny since I had a picture of my cat with her head on a pillow for my 3 or more post today!

    Your dh is such a good sport! Does he know all of us are looking at his cute picture?? ;)


  9. Your babies are precious. Dion should start his own blog! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for alerting me about my comments being hard to read...i made a slight change :-).

  10. Hi Cass! Oh, what darling little doggies! They are just the cutest little things! Hubby looks pretty comfy too!
    Oh, thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm doing the best I can and feel a little overwhelmed, but it'll all work out!
    Take care sweet friend,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Brought a smile to my face & a giggle to my heart when I saw the oldest pet. Too funny!!!

  12. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! Your third pet appears to cause the most work around the place.

  13. cute fur babies! Happy Three or More Tuesday ~ Susan

  14. Cass you are so cute !
    Your puppies are so sweet and the
    third puppy (Howard) I got one of
    those too ! My two little fur balls have free rein over the couches, bed and anywhere else they
    want to take a snooze ! Power to the pooch (and Howard too )
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. LOL... thanks for the laugh!
    Your little furries are ADORABLE!!!

  16. LOL Cass,
    These are just the cutest pics! Your hubby is really a good sport to be part of the 3 or more's. Love it, Cindy

  17. What precious puppies, our pets certainly become parts of the family. We have two and they are our furry kids. Thank you for plahying along with 'Three Or more' and have a wonderful day,

  18. Hee, hee, hee!!! I love your "pets!"

    I'm just discovering your blog... I think I'll be here awhile!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  19. Have you noticed that pets and husbands always are mentioned with sitting on the sofa....

  20. How cute. I'm glad to see your puppies.

  21. Oh my goodness your puppies are ADORABLE!!! One of my favorite breeds!!! Thanks for sharing those adorable creatures with us!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


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