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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wedgwood Writes To That Old House! And: A Giveaway Winner!

Wedgwood wrote to me! Well, to my blog, anyway. . . .

Just to prove that you never, ever know who is going to read your blog.... on Friday afternoon, the 20th comment on my 2/24 blog post, Rescuing Waterford and Wedgwood, turned out to be from ... Wedgwood itself! You can click here and read it at the bottom of the comments.

Wedgwood commented on my blog post. Wedgwood! I am impressed at their customer relations; that is very responsive! Smart brides can still put Wedgwood in their registries, the company isn't rolling over yet.

Plus, they liked my pictures. Aw, gee, shucks! :-)

And the winner is . . . (drum roll, please!)

Now... in a smooth segueway into my next announcement. . . did you know that Wedgwood owns Johnson Brothers? Who knew? And it is a Johnson Brothers "Old Bradbury" ironstone gravy boat that Shelia of "Note Songs" blog won in my "Tablescape Thursday and a Giveaway" post.

Congratulations, Shelia! I know you will give this nice ironstone piece a good home.

By the way, those of you who have done giveaways... do you find it nerve-wracking to find that "random number?" Or am I the only whackadoodle who does? My gosh, I was as nervous as, well, something that is nervous.

Have a grand weekend! My husband and daughter have season tickets and are off to the Metropolitan Opera Saturday, for Il Trovatore, and as for me? I will be painting a bathroom vanity. What is wrong with that picture?

But I will take time out to look again at this slide show, about a
278-year old cottage-style house in Newport, Rhode Island. Take a look here!

I like that the homeowner, John Peixinho, is a professional decorator who is self-taught. I could move right into that house, and not change a thing. Well, not much. Maybe a few things, here and there. . . .


  1. I am so happy (truly, sort of) for Shelia. She is just a doll and will find a good home for the gravy boat amongst all of her other beautiful dishes!

    And here I am, 16 minutes into the big day...was I too anxious?? Ha ha!

    Hooray for Wedgewood!


  2. Oh girl Shelia will be doing a Happy dance for sure...and it really is going to a wonderful home...and she will have that on a tablescape in no time..Congrats to Shelia...and what a swet heart for you to do this...Happy painting girl...hugs ans smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I just know Shelia will be so happy that she gets this lovely gravy boat. Her heart will be singing for sure. Hugs, Marty

  4. Shelia is the perfect person to win that gravy boat -- that is if I wasn't going to win it. She'll love it so much! How amazing that you had a comment from Wedgwood! How exciting. I read the comment, and how neat that they complimented you on the way you made their china look! I'm at the blog of a celeb! laurie

  5. Wow - a note from Wedgewood - you are definitly on the radar!!
    I didn't know that Johnson Bros was owned by Wedgewood. My old kitchen dishes are Hearts and Flowers - sadly discontinued.
    I went to the blue house link - gorgeous.

  6. Oh, Cass! I'm so excited!! I love that gravy boat!! I can't wait to receive it.
    Thank you thank you!!
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Oh, Cass I didn't get an email yet from you! I'll be waiting!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;) thank you thank you thank you

  8. Wow, lucky miss Sheila.....and how cool is that that Wedgewood contacted you!! Totally, totally fun,and NO, I did not know that they own Johnson Bros. too!

    Thanks for all the great info!

  9. I was just stopping by to check out your blog and I enjoyed reading your posts. Your collections are amazing. I added myself as a follower of your blog. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing your home and heart. jaime

  10. Love your blog! I can't wait to see more of it! :D Jewel

  11. Hi Cass

    Haven't I had a lovely evening catching up on all you are up to! What a great story about your Grandmother and the curtains you are making for the bathroom. Wedgewood response? Congrats!
    Thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog!


  12. Hi Cass...I love meeting follow Jersey stopped by my blog on Tablescape Thursday...the Monet table...I'm originally from....i hate to admit it....Rahway..not near the State Penn....have a daughter that lives in a house from 1760 in Princeton..loved your grandmother story...she sounded like a very hip lady for her grandmother also had that same long beautiful white hair...

  13. Hi Cass! Just wanted to say that I love your blog!!!! Your house is wonderful and I am so impressed you caught the eye of Wedgewood! I love all your china and I am so sad that china companies are having such a hard time of it lately. When I started the Spode Pink Tower pattern it had been in production since the 1830's. Who could have ever dreamed that they would discontinue it last year? Most of the brides around here are registering Vietri or Juliska patterns. Nice, but they just don't have the history of the Wedgewood and Spode companies. Talk to you again soon! :D Jewel

  14. One more thing I wanted to say and then I have to get ready for church - I read where you had a colonial period in early married life. DH & I did too!!!! I could have never imagined living with this busy dark wallpaper 25 years ago. We wanted a total Williamsburg look and our first 2 houses that's what we had. In this house, we had to let it tell us what to do rather than put our taste on display. Now I am a Victorian who can still appreciate Colonial. :D Jewel

  15. What a great blog. Wedgwood and Waterford are two of my favorites and to think that they actually contacted you -- I would be so excited!

  16. Dear Cass, How flattering to hear from Wedgewood! You really do have lovely pieces and it is always nice to hear from the pro's how nice they look in your home!

    I checked out the blue house. It is simply gorgeous inside. There was something about the dining area I just loved. I want to do a "minor re-do" at the eating end of my kitchen. I'll keep that picture in mind. Thanks for sending me there. - Come on by. I posted pics. of my sunroom today. I need to put a new valance up in there and haven't decided what. Any ideas? I should have included pics of my carpet too. Oh well. I love the idea of black toile for your bath. Have fun painting! Love, Paula

  17. Hi Cass,
    I wish I would have won but I am happy for Sheila! How cool that Wedgewood wrote to you... Cindy


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