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Thursday, January 8, 2009

O Tannenbaum(s) . . . .

So... this is the "alternative" tree in our Parlor; it's the 4th Christmas we've had a not-cut-from-the-forest tree and I never will love it, but I do admit that it does a bang-up job of holding those heavy ornaments that fall right off a fresh tree.

However, in this house, this year, we have a second tree... a "fresh" one, in our Sunroom. Yay! Can't beat the smell of the Frasier Fir needles, and the suspense of wondering, "Will anyone notice that big bald spot on the side?"

And now it is two days past Epiphany, and our house is still sporting its Christmas bling. Both the Sunroom and Parlor trees are up and decorated; in a way I hate denuding the "fresh" one in the sunroom, as it is still valiantly hanging on to nearly all of its needles.

See? A closeup, and still plenty of spiny green things.

We put a tree, of sorts, in every room on our first floor this year, and also in the front hall. My husband had his doubts about the little one in the powder room, but even he admits it adds to the holiday cheer.

A blessed 2009 to all!

(Next year: More trees. Shh.. don't tell my family.)


  1. What gorgeous trees! You put mine to shame...although I have a confession to make... My Christmas decs are all safely stashed away now back in the loft for next Christmas! - They were taken down the day after Boxing Day (and yes, I know I'm a miserable old woman!!)- but how lovely to get a 'proper' clean up around the house again!
    All the best for 2009

  2. Awesome house. We recently sold a 1880's victorian farm house. We love those old houses.

    grace and peace,

  3. Hi Cass,
    Your trees look SO beautiful! We had one fresh tree, two large faux trees and assorted small faux trees... My daughter and I spent most of Sunday afternoon un-decorating. Can't wait to clean tomorrow. And that's really funny, coming from me... normally, I hate to vacuum. ;)


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